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Integrated Advertising Demand to Brand How to drive better business outcomes with Integrated Advertising

Challenges All digital should be measurable

80% Of Top Market Execs

don’t have a very strong understanding of brand campaign performance1

34% of Digital Media Experts

say their top challenge is assessing campaign ROI2

46% of Markets

say their top challenge is the inability to measure & track activity between specific buyer stages3

It’s easier to plan and execute brand and direct response campaigns in silos

Brand advertising is at the top of funnel, focusing on long-term intent, and Direct Response (DR) is at the bottom, focusing on short-term measurable gains. These two marketing efforts occupy two very distinct and discrete positions.

The metrics used to measure these initiatives reflect this disparity. They are different sides of the same coin with the same end goal, but suffer from disparate data used to inform and execute brand and DR campaigns.

Here’s the catch: CMOs don’t care

When these silos formed, the distinction made sense. By segmenting brand awareness and direct responseinto different marketing activity categories, teams could focus on each independently and hit functional marketing objectives.

But here’s the catch: CMOs don’t care. While operating in silos might be convenient, it doesn’t deliver on the asks that CMOs have, which are ROI, a comprehensive view of the consumer journey, and a consistent consumer experience.


1 McKinsey: Why every business needs a full funnel marketing strategy, February 2021

2 eMarketer: Ad Measurement and Revenue Attribution, February 2021

3 eMarketer: Challenges US B2B Marketers Face, April 2021

Marketing Activity

  • Brand awareness for top of funnel, DR for bottom of funnel

  • Brand awareness for long term, DR for short term

  • Brand awareness for sentiment, DR for transactions

What CMOs Care About 2

  • ROI of marketing tactics

  • Comprehensive view of consumer journey

  • Consistent consumer experience

Challenges All Audiences are inherently connected

Let’s get back to what CMOs care about

And that is understanding customers. If marketers know which audiences to seek, when to reach them, and how to authentically message to them, they can provide a seamless customer journey.

To achieve this, Quantcast believes that integrated DR to brand campaigns create a cyclical audience effect, providing a deeper understanding of both brand and DR audiences.

Yet, this feels impossible because advertising is fragmented. Right?

The challenge in digital advertising remains: brand and DR audiences are still typically planned, bought, and measured in silos with disparate underlying data. Without a comprehensive view, brand must find its own success metrics not tied to the bottom line, creating strange incentives.

Programmatic has allowed for brand awareness campaigns to be more measurable than traditional media–quantifying audience reach, in-target delivery, and brand lift–but these metrics are still disconnected from conversion, thereby creating a disconnected funnel.

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Our Approach Quantcast delivers in an integrated focus on audiences

Solve for silos with integrated audience insights

Our approach is an integrated focus on audiences along their full customer journey. Start by leveraging your audience pool of past converters and progress up the funnel with these insights. Then move new primed audiences down the funnel.

This allows you to uncover broader in-market audiences higher up the funnel that perform. Overlay this with measurement and insights throughout the sales cycle to provide you with an uninterrupted view of the audience journey.

A unified real-time data set built on integrated audiences

Audiences have been at the heart of Quantcast from the very beginning. Publishers around the world lean on Quantcast Measure to understand their users, the content they are interested in, and what they would like to see more of.

These insights enable and help publishers monetize the inventory on their site. It is this same unique, real-time common data set that provides an integrated and uninterrupted view of audiences throughout the sales cycle.

Our Solution Quantcast Integrated Advertising

Integrated demand to brand

While we may not be the first platform to identify the challenge of silos or try to address it, the way we envision the funnel and insights to solve for it is unique. Your most powerful tool is your customer conversion data. It can be leveraged to find broader in-market audiences further up the funnel.

This is where Quantcast Integrated Advertising is different, because we encourage you to flip the funnel. Start by taking in-market learnings at the bottom of the funnel and move up the funnel with these insights to help you plan and activate.

Integrated DR to brand audiences

Converter data paints the most accurate picture of your customer. Move up the funnel with sales insights based on your performance-driven audiences.

Invest in awareness to drive the next generation of customers. Move primed brand audiences down the funnel, leveraging interest audiences insights.

Plan and Activate

Direct Response: Performance Audiences Prospect and convert new customers

Quantcast amplifies customers’ audience data to drive optimal business outcomes. Our powerful algorithms find consumers across the entire connected universe whose online behavior is most similar to your existing customers. The Quantcast Platform leverages real-time predictive modeling to prospect and retarget, ultimately driving new customers to conversion.

Brand Awareness: Interest Audiences Build and reach relevant real-time audiences to expand your reach

Quantcast uses real-time data to find what topics your audience is interested in, the keywords they are consuming, and the premium sites they visit. Reach consumers based on interest categories and branded custom keyword terms. Move beyond frequency caps and into frequency targeting. Amplify the effectiveness of your campaign with frequency management tools to drive optimal ad exposure and maximize lift on essential brand metrics.

Our Solution Measurement and innovation are core tenets of an integrated strategy

Moving beyond media metrics to business metrics

A CMO’s ultimate goal is to create value for their business and validate their marketing efforts, providing a comprehensive view of the consumer journey and quantifiable ROI on upper funnel investment. How did your brand campaigns impact lower funnel and bottom-line conversions? We believe planning and activation are most powerful when measurement and insights are integrated throughout the sales cycle.

Quantcast’s robust set of insights includes our Funnel Visualizer and Real-Time Brand Lift, which when paired with conversion and priming effect reporting, visualizes the sales funnel and shows overlap in these audiences. These insights are but a sample of the reports that prove out how an integrated audience approach drives lift in visitation and conversion.

Integrated measurement leads to innovation


Choose from Quantcast’s robust set of insights to get a comprehensive understanding of your audience journey and prove out how an integrated audience approach drives lift in visitation and conversion.

  • Funnel Visualizer

    Explore the audience journey, diving into how delivery and conversion metrics vary across different demographics.

  • Real-Time Brand Lift

    No more analyzing results only post campaign. Optimize to live survey results throughout campaign flight, thereby minimizing waste and maximizing brand lift. Extract learnings for future campaigns.

  • Weekly Conversion Change Summary

    See changes in weekly conversions by domains, demographics, and geolocations.

  • Prospecting / Retargeting Breakdown

    Get a breakdown of KPIs on campaign audiences.

Priming Effect

Quantify the priming effect: the impact of upper funnel tactics on conversions. The Priming Effect showcase the overlap between Brand and DR, as well as the lift in visitation and conversion when DR is paired with Brand. This provides a full view of the audience journey across the entire funnel through intuitive visual insights.

Real Results Integrated audiences drive better outcomes

We see performance lift across audiences and channels

Our data shows that when addressable audiences are integrated across the funnel, you get better business outcomes because you not only have the opportunity to learn about your marketing funnel dynamics, but can optimize those learnings to drive better outcomes.

Source: Quantcast Data, Q4-2020

1 Comparing Search Powered Audiences (Brand) v. Performance Targeting (DR)

2 Comparing Search Powered Audiences display only v. combination display+video

15% Better Engagement

Brand awareness contributes to 15% higher visit rates 1

3x Higher Conversion

Audiences who saw both brand and DR ads were 3x more likely to convert 1

1.5x Video Visitation

Audiences who saw both a display and video ad were 1.5x more likely to visit 2

“As an organization steeped in highly quantifiable DR marketing, it took a leap of faith to invest in a branding effort. We’re glad we did. In addition to the many positive impacts the campaign afforded us supporting awareness, we materially enhanced our retargeting pool, exposed ourselves to new customers, increased our average transaction value, and grew sales. The campaign raised the tide for all of our online marketing.”
Phil Sandler
SVP, Digital Marketing
“By leveraging Quantcast’s first-party data, and the platform’s advanced AI technology, we can effectively identify predictive audiences who are more likely to take the desired campaign action. Additionally our teams find the audience and campaign performance insights provided by Quantcast are invaluable to our clients’ success.”
Jason Crawford
VP of Display Media
Dentsu Media
“With their first-party data and modeling, [Quantcast has] earned the spot as the top performing partner for us. We’ve been able to quickly optimize into valuable audiences who buy our product, allowing us to increase Quantcast budgets two-fold over initial forecasts.”
Joella Duncan
Director of Media Strategy

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INTEGRATED ADVERTISING Demand to Brand How to drive better business outcomes with Integrated Advertising