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The creative assets you build and use in your marketing campaigns should stand out, target your customer along their brand journey, and consider the device they are on. To help you navigate these challenges, we have put together the following guide, which will allow you to understand how key design, audience, and format choices impact results.

  • Visual & Design Choices
  • Customer Journey
  • Devices & Formats
  • Creative Ad Spec Resources


Rich media ads

Rich Media

Maximize brand awareness with beautiful large format creatives that drive user engagement and interaction.
Video advertising


Amplify campaign impact with pre-roll and outstream formats that help you capitalize on sight, sound and motion.
Quantcast native advertising


Influence your consumer across the buyer journey with seamless formats that adapt to the look and feel of surrounding content.
Quantcast display advertising


Supercharge outcomes with banners that maximize reach and power conversions.
Mobile ads creative best practices

Designing for Devices

It’s important to remember that we use our devices differently – how we search, what we look at, and of course how we engage with the ads all should be taken into consideration when designing creatives.

A few simple tweaks to mobile creative can mean the difference between blending in with the background and being noticed.

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