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Chasing the Holy Grail of Digital Measurement

Dr. Peter Day, CTO at Quantcast, explores the complexity of digital measurement. He probes the idea that the metrics brand’s use can create false outcomes, and provide strategic recommendations for a more truthful view of audiences and impact.


What are the strengths and weaknesses of common digital metrics
How to prove the value of display
How metrics are gamified, creating a false sense of success


Peter Day Chief Technology Officer, Quantcast
As Chief Technology Officer at Quantcast, Peter Day is responsible for the development of products which allow marketers and publishers to make smart choices as they buy and sell effective advertising. Prior to joining Quantcast, he spent 12 years working in the financial markets. Peter has a Ph.D. in machine learning.
Taylor Corr Quantcast ISO Sales
Taylor Corr Head of ISO Sales, Quantcast
Taylor Corr has been with Quantcast for over six years. He currently heads up our Inside Sales team who is responsible for client direct and independent agency partnerships in North America