Key Takeaways The 3 P’s of Demystifying AI for Marketers One Sheet

AI can often appear daunting, but it is the key to driving marketing efficiency and effectiveness in today’s digital landscape. Ingrid Burton, Chief Marketing Officer at Quantcast, breaks down the essentials of AI for Marketers in the latest installment of Quantcast’s INNOVATE Webinar Series.

It’s math, not magic.

Marketers need to understand that data, combined with AI and machine learning technologies, provides three key indicators that can help revolutionize marketing strategies:

  • Patterns
  • Preferences
  • Predictions

But there is still some magic to it all

Machine intelligence makes the impossible possible by providing the speed, scale and accuracy needed to build unique predictive models for individual advertisers, and continually optimising campaign delivery to drive optimal outcomes while complying with constraints.

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