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Covid & The Consumer: 125 Days of Real- time U.S. Behaviour Changes

Join Dr. Peter Day, Chief Technology Officer at Quantcast, as he discusses how the coronavirus pandemic has dramatically overturned previously held truths about consumer behaviour and purchasing habits for a wide range of industries. He will explore Quantcast insights on the first 125 days of the pandemic, diving into the changing consumer mindset week by week, unlocking the power of audience insights to inform smart marketing strategies.


What are we learning about consumers and their changing habits?
Which behaviours are fleeting and which will last?
How will widespread access to high-quality real-time audience intelligence help marketers embrace a culture of innovation?


Peter Day Chief Technology Officer, Quantcast
As Chief Technology Officer at Quantcast, Peter Day is responsible for the development of products which allow marketers and publishers to make smart choices as they buy and sell effective advertising. Prior to joining Quantcast, he spent 12 years working in the financial markets. Peter has a Ph.D. in machine learning.
Travis Landrum Vice President of US Field Sales, Quantcast
In his role as Vice President of US Field Sales, Travis Landrum oversees commercial strategy for Quantcast’s North America field sales team, ensuring the acquisition, retention and growth of major accounts for various product lines, and the partnerships by which those businesses grow and better understand the audiences they most care about.