Augmented Intelligence for Brands

Q is the engine for brand marketers, publishers and their partners to make smarter, data-driven decisions. It’s the only industry platform to combine our Internet-scale 1st party data and machine learning technologies with integrated data, modeling and action.

The Q Advantage

Our team has extensive expertise and experience in the practical application of Artificial Intelligence to the marketing ecosystem.

Internet-scale 1st Party Data

We have earned an invite-only live view into the audiences of digital media owners, big and small. We are trusted by marketers with a direct line of sight into their customer interactions, interests and trends.

This proprietary dataset’s characteristics – vast coverage, immense diversity, high arity, absolute freshness, coherence and fundamental provenance – are pertinent to a broad range of predictive modeling solutions.

Autonomous Predictive Modeling

We use machine learning to create granular, brand-specific predictive models. We do this at Universe Scale, yet with Atomic Models – every consumer, every brand, every outcome.

Real-time Scoring of Individuals

Our Live Models perceptively adjust to changing objectives, continually seek new signals and update their individual consumer-level predictions in real-time.

Integrated AI Optimization

A vertically integrated data and technology stack allows for rapid experimentation, testing, customization and continuous improvement of machine learning algorithms.

Our real-time advertising system elegantly weaves data, autonomous predictive modeling and AI optimization into a ‘set it and forget it’ solution that efficiently delivers business outcomes at scale.

Powered by Q Our Solutions

The Quantcast Intelligence Cloud (QIC), powered by our Q engine, is our suite of audience insights, targeting and measurement solutions designed to Understand, Predict and Influence the Consumer Journey.

Having built the world’s largest AI-driven insights and measurement platform, Quantcast is the real-time pulse of the internet. QIC measures the heartbeat of your consumer across their digital journey, constantly changing based on our real-time pulse of the internet.

We know the sites visited.

The keywords searched.

We understand purchase habits.

We turn all of this data into actionable insights, to help you grow your brand.

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