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You know your target audience, but may have difficulty reaching precise personas at scale.

The Complete Upper Funnel, Quantified

Effective reach and frequency that meets all your upper-funnel objectives. Impact Quantified.

Audience Validation

Know that you targeted the right audience, pre- and post-campaign.

Superior Scale

Quantcast Reach connects you with more of your most relevant audience, across the entire internet, before they are in-market.

Brand Safety

Drive maximum brand impact with brand-safe whitelists and viewability guarantees.

How it worksBrand Audiences lets you target highly relevant audiences based on the attributes that matter most.

You share attributes of your ideal audience.

(e.g., women 18-34 who love shopping, traveling and wine)

We build a custom model based on their pre-search behaviors.

(e.g., women 18-34 + Luxury resorts, chef's tasting menu, personal shopper)

We find audiences who fit the profile—at massive scale—then deliver your brand to them at the perfect time.

Driving brand impact in brand-safe environments


Deliver engaging ads to audiences in impactful formats, with guaranteed viewability. Surpass goals and make a difference.


It’s crucial to be in the right places, so we added a whitelist of premium inventory for all campaigns, as well as vertical-specific whitelists for deep contextual relevance.


Our visibility into the behavior of the majority of people on the open Internet lets us detect non-human traffic, then reduce fraudulent inventory and inappropriate content, pre-bid.


We partner with third-party verification vendors to validate that you only purchase high-quality inventory.

Generate Great Results

The complete upper funnel, Quantified.

Quantcast Reach uses Brand Audiences to connect you with your most relevant audience, even before they’re in-market. Whether you want to drive awareness of your brand or generate site visits, we measure the impact made against your objective.

Superior scale and accuracy.

In targeting, there’s often a trade-off between accuracy and scale: With greater precision you reach fewer people. But we’re different.

Validated by
In a recent study, Quantcast outperformed 8 other data competitors in audience accuracy, targeting by 295% on a global scale.

Audience Validation

Our new post-campaign reporting can validate that your ads were served to your intended audience. Brands often spend thousands of dollars on such information. With Quantcast, it's free.