Enjoyable browsing experience for consumers
Future proofed compliance for publishers.

Improving browsing, one cookie
pop up at a time

Consumer first, consent first Prepare to thrive in a privacy forward world.

Put consumers at the center, with a tool that places privacy, transparency and control at the core.

Optimized user experience Bring back enjoyable browsing.

Cut down on the number of cookie pop-ups across websites while still getting the consent you need.

Strong, consented first party data growth Thrive without third party cookies.

Grow and monetize your first party data set with consent backed data.

How it works Built for consumers

  • Consumers see cookie pop ups multiple times a day on their favorite sites
  • Consumers sign up for a Permisio account, which permanently saves their consent choices to an account
  • When the user returns to their favorite sites, their consent choices are remembered, recognized and automatically applied
  • Resulting in fewer cookie pop ups, better user experiences – all while protecting user consent choices and delivering explicit consent to publishers

Quantcast is moving consent management forward

Updated to create better browsing experiences

Give users easier access to content while still receiving the consent signals required.

Permanent Privacy Portal for consumers

Transparency, trust and control is at the center. Users manage privacy preferences in a permanent account.

Across desktop and mobile

Cut down on cookie pop ups across platforms.

Grow first party data for publishers

Engage with users in the CMP to incentivize and drive more first party, consented registrations.

“The launch of Permisio takes Quantcast Choice a step further and gives us an opportunity to build trusted relationships directly with our readers. Trust and transparency are important to our business and will be a critical factor in building our first-party data capabilities.”
Dom Perkins
Immediate Media

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