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Learn what your audience buys, what brands they prefer, what cars they drive, what media they consume outside of your site, and more. Quantcast Measure profiles are augmented with index-level, third-party data from providers like Experian, Mastercard, DLX, TiVo, and Netwise.

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Understand your total reach by looking at unduplicated traffic metrics across your web properties. View your audience by platform (web and mobile web), country, time period, and more.


See the composition of engaged users over the last 30 days to understand your audience composition between passers-by, regulars, and fanatics.

Product Features


We see the average online user multiple times a month because Quantcast Measure is deployed on more than 100 million domains globally. The sheer scale of this data set allows us to draw extremely accurate audience profiles across age, gender, family, location, income, education, and occupation.

How Measure Can Help You

Understand who your audience is

Gain real-time insight into the demographic and psychographic makeup of your audience.

See what your audience is doing

Learn how unique audiences engage with your website content.

Drive better strategy

Leverage your unique audience insights to fuel more relevant messaging, ad campaigns and content.

How Quantcast Measure Works

Most audience insight and measurement tools still use outdated methodologies inherited from radio and television -- panel-based data collection with reports delivered weeks if not months later. Quantcast Measure is the only free audience-insights tool that uses direct measurement to deliver real-time insights from across the web.

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Quantcast Measure is free. To get started, create an account and register your URL.

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Place the Quantcast JavaScript tag on your website. It’s just a snippet of code that can be installed in the footer of your website, or with any tag manager.

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Visit your profile page to get in-depth insights about your audience. Depending on your site traffic, it can take as little as 1-2 days to fully profile your audience.