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Quantcast Advertise Services

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Real-time signals for up-to-the-second understanding of consumer behavior

Say goodbye to stale third-party segments and hello to real-time signals. With our data footprint across 100M+ web and mobile destinations, stay on the pulse of ever‑changing consumer behavior through real-time advertising audience insights.

AI and machine learning for actionable insights and results at scale

Ara,® our AI and machine learning engine, operates on live data to learn real‑time audience behavior patterns. Ara pairs these patterns with AI-driven real-time campaign monitoring to surface actionable insights and optimize towards the best outcome for every single ad.

Superior customer service

Our expert account team is here to support you through campaign planning, activation, and measurement. Get in touch to learn about our different service options to fit your needs.

Captivating creative solutions

Our Creative Solutions Team provides custom creative solutions across 25+ interactive ad formats. From concept, strategy, and ideation to technical production of your creatives, everything we do is focused on building visually compelling creative experiences that maximize user engagement.

Deliver perfectly timed and uniquely relevant advertising with audience insights

Find new customers

Quantcast Advertise combines accurate demographics with behavioral data to influence consumers. We amplify the effectiveness of your campaign with Quantcast Frequency Management, a proprietary tool that drives optimal ad exposure and maximizes lift on essential brand metrics.

Prospect and convert

Quantcast amplifies customers’ audience data to drive optimal business outcomes. Our powerful algorithms find consumers across the entire connected universe whose online behavior is most similar to your existing customers. Working across real-time ad platforms, we get your brand in front of prospects you didn’t know were there, delivering truly relevant customers.

Measure and validate

Advertisers aim to reach the right audience, but very rarely validate that they did. From brand lift, audience validation, and viewability to prospecting insights, time to convert, and cookie overlap, Quantcast Advertise arms you with the right measurement solutions to help you validate current and future tactics to drive real growth.

The proof is in the numbers

Online destinations are the
foundation of our dataset.
Better at finding and
converting new customers.
Quantcast Creative Services

Let’s work together

Whether you want us to collaborate on your campaign strategy, run your ads, or design your creatives, we’re here to help!

Customers Are Our Passion

“ARB as a brand is very conscious of reaching the right people and bringing quality traffic to their website. The Quantcast traffic showed an uplift in engagement on the website compared to Google Display Ads.”
Andreas Karlsson
Performance Manager
G Squared

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