In the 20 years since search became a basis for digital advertising, marketers have honed and perfected their approach to make it one of the most efficient and effective means of advertising available. Search has become a standard at the narrow end of the marketing funnel, and in doing so has driven broad industry adoption of keywords as a standardized way of describing desirable audience. However, the broader use of these targeting taxonomies is limited, being dependent upon consumers actively plugging terms into a search engine once they know what they are searching for. With the new Search Powered Audiences suite, Quantcast is for the first time removing this limitation and enabling brands to more effectively reach the most receptive audiences at scale, and more accurately influence consumers, throughout the entire funnel, by using the intent signals inherent in finely honed keyword sets.

Search Powered Audiences takes the best of search, its precision and indication of intent, and combines it with Quantcast’s proven ability to accurately build and target audiences at scale across digital platforms. In doing so, the company has finally made search relevant across the full advertising funnel. Unlike search retargeting, Search Powered Audiences are not dependent upon the consumer completing a lower funnel action. The new solutions also solve two challenges faced by brand advertisers and marketers that have not been effectively addressed by either search retargeting or search engine marketing (SEM) strategies:

  1. Search’s inherent limitations with reach and dependence on consumers taking an action that expresses intent
  2. The ongoing struggle to effectively target digital advertising campaigns and reach specific audiences

“With Search Powered Audiences, we are unlocking the power of search for brand marketers,” states Quantcast Senior Vice President of Product Management, Jag Duggal. “The intent data in search is useful throughout the funnel, not just at the very bottom. The combination of search with our insight into live digital consumer behavior creates an incredibly powerful solution for marketers and brands alike.”

How it Works

As with all Quantcast solutions, the power of Search Powered Audiences is derived from the company’s unique live view into anonymized digital consumer behavior across more than 100 million digital destinations. Among the information Quantcast sees is search data, which the company uses as a seed to model against its consumer behavior dataset. Quantcast starts with the search terms entered by consumers in a marketer’s desired audience segment, looks at the overall patterns of digital behavior of those in that segment and then finds millions of others with similar behaviors who are likely to be receptive to a marketer’s messages. By marrying search with Quantcast’s insight into digital behavioral patterns, Quantcast is effectively predicting which consumers will be interested in engaging with a brand before they even enter a keyword into a search engine. This enables marketers to connect with interested audiences at a much earlier stage, and is a solution only Quantcast is able to provide.

Outstanding Client Response and Results

Search Powered Audiences have already been enthusiastically embraced by more than 300 brands across the globe, including:

  • 10 of the world’s largest auto brands
  • Four of the world’s largest CPG brands
  • Two of the largest U.S. mobile telecom providers
  • Four leading global airline brands

Ashley Jones, Campaign Manager at The Land of Nod:

“There was absolutely no guesswork involved when working with Quantcast. Its Search Powered Audiences solution perfectly identified and targeted those who not only were in-market but were most likely to purchase nursery items, and brought them to our site. It’s a no-brainer—I am definitely expanding this solution to other product lines.”

The Digital Strategies Team at Discount Tire:

“Quantcast exceeded every target we set for our campaigns. They’ve found a way to use search to crack open new, highly engaged audience segments we wouldn’t have reached previously.”

Suite of Products

The Search Powered Audiences suite offers a set of solutions that connect brands with the most relevant audiences for top brand marketing objectives:

Competitive Conquesting – Gain awareness among competitors’ customers and influence them towards your brand. Strengthen your brand position and share of voice.

Category Conquesting – Grow your business by connecting with consumers interested in specific product categories and reaching them at key points of consideration.

Lifestyle & Lifestage Audiences – Build brand preference with your target persona. Develop affinity based on lifestyles and interests. Reach people in key life stages.

Keyword Extension – Increase the impact and efficiency of search. Reach more people like those already using your valuable and competitive keywords and reach them when they’re most receptive.

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