SAN FRANCISCO – PR WEB  Quantcast today announced that two of the Internet’s most successful ad supported online video companies – Broadband Enterprises (BBE) and Hulu –  have adopted Quantcast services to deliver pioneering audience insights and packaging capabilities to their advertising partners.  Both companies expect Quantcast data to significantly enhance their ability to position online video as an important part of advertisers’ 2009/10 media plans.

“The online video business has evolved tremendously over the past few years, but it’s clear major brand advertisers expect audience-based accountability at par with – or exceeding – what they receive in the television marketplace,” said Matt Wasserlauf, Founder and CEO of BBE. “In addition to enhanced audience data for our content network, we’ve integrated Quantcast directly into BBE’s Vindico ad platform, providing campaign-level audience data for the benefit of our top-tier brand advertisers and content partners.”

Online video is consumed by a fragmented audience across a highly distributed universe of web sites, making program or channel level audience data difficult to aggregate and leverage as part of the web’s dynamic ad planning, buying, and delivery environment.   Quantcast’s groundbreaking service addresses these challenges, providing audience profiles for any grouping of videos with as few as 500 viewers in near-real time, regardless of where they are consumed.

Hulu and BBE join a growing number of media companies implementing Quantcast video-based services. The Disney-ABC TV Group, which announced its adoption of Quantcast measurement services last week, will use the company’s capabilities to improve audience insights for its full-episode video player.  Metacafe and Veoh have also implemented Quantcast video solutions.

“Our goal is to help online video companies and the digital media community as a whole move to a more connected business model, where actionable audience insights drive successful advertising programs,” said Todd Teresi, Chief Revenue Officer of Quantcast.  “While online video is often compared to its traditional TV cousin, it operates in a completely different way and it’s critical for the industry to recognize that new audience-driven sales and packaging approaches are needed to deliver maximum advertiser value.”

Teresi continued, “Having these prominent online video companies commit to our service validates the work we’ve done and our overall vision.”

Quantcast has seen dramatic adoption since it launched in September 2006, with over 85,000 publishers now participating in its Quantified Publisher program, directly measuring more than 10 million unique web destinations, including web sites, videos, widgets and games. Every day Quantcast processes more than 4 billion new census-level media consumption events, which are combined with a variety of audience-based reference points (multiple panel and publisher inputs) within the company’s proprietary inference model to produce rich and actionable audience profiles.