SAN FRANCISCO, CA – September 25, 2007 – Quantcast, the world’s only open internet ratings service, today announced that it has launched a robust suite of media measurement services for publishers in its Quantified Publisher program. The program, which is free to join at empowers publishers to demonstrate the unique value of their audiences by tagging their websites, videos, widgets and games for direct measurement.

Available today, Quantcast’s enhanced suite of free media measurement services includes:

  • Tabbed Quantified Publisher Profiles for individual media properties including a rich traffic overview that provides greater depth and insight on key audience metrics.
  • The Quantified Publisher Network View, providing measurement of unduplicated reach and aggregated traffic statistics as well as a single point of control for publishers with multiple sites and services.
  • Secure Quantcast Measurement Tags to measure transactional pages on e-commerce sites of all kinds.
  • Video and Widget Measurement Services to track impressions and interaction with Flash-based videos, widgets, games and more.

“The response has been overwhelming. More than 15,000 publishers with several million web media assets, including sites, blogs, widgets and videos, have joined our free program,” said Konrad Feldman, co-founder and CEO, Quantcast Corporation. “Today, we are pleased to continue the drive for transparency and accuracy by providing a robust suite of media measurement services that help publishers better understand and monetize their properties.”

With millions of ‘Quantified’ web destinations and services, Quantcast measures more than a billion page views per day. Quantcast’s models are derived from visits by more than 350 million Internet users every month, including more than 80 percent of all U.S. Internet users.

“Quantcast’s Network View helps us demonstrate our unduplicated network reach and highlight the popularity of our sites – which net 50 million visits per month,” said Christopher Batty, Vice President, Sales, Gawker Media. “And the new traffic tab makes it easy for advertisers to see the power in the network – complete with daily, weekly and monthly statistics on all of our sites combined and individually – from Gizmodo and Valleywag to Wonkette and Defamer.”

Details on Quantcast’s enhanced suite of media measurement services follow:

Tabbed Quantified Publisher Profiles: Quantcast profiles will always feature the popular summary view for each online property. But now they include an enhanced traffic tab that provides greater depth and insight on key audience reach, engagement and frequency metrics.

Key metrics, including unique visitors, visits and page-views, are presented in dynamic daily, seven-day and trailing 30-day charts. In addition, a traffic summary automatically calculates average visits per unique visitor and page views per visit. Coming soon, this tab will include time-on-site metrics.

The Quantified Publisher Network View: This new interface enables publishers to track their portfolio of properties, including websites, videos, widgets and games, in a single dashboard. It also provides one-click access and a single point of control for the Quantcast profile for each media property.

The network view features the new traffic tab with the same easy-to-use dynamic charts to provide a rich overview of network metrics. Unique visitors (“uniques”) are reported as unduplicated network reach, and the other network metrics are shown in the aggregate.

The network view is automatically created when a Quantified Publisher tags a second website or media element such as a video, widget or game. As always, Quantified Publishers can adjust their Quantcast profile settings to control which elements the world can see.

Secure Quantcast Measurement Tags: Paired with conventional Quantcast measurement tags for content pages, new secure Quantcast tags enable online retailers and e-commerce providers of all kinds to measure the traffic on their transactional ‘https’ pages with no interruption to check-out, and no affect on the shopping experience.

The secure tags are available free of charge to all Quantified Publishers. They can be found by logging-in to and going to the ‘My Quantified Sites’ page.

Video and Widget Measurement: As announced in July, Quantcast now offers free video and widget measurement services with the ability to track any Flash-based file. These new capabilities help publishers track the web-wide distribution of their media elements to demonstrate their true network reach.

Pricing and Availability: Quantcast’s enhanced suite of media measurement services is available free of charge to any web publisher, site or service that joins the free Quantified Publisher program.