San Francisco, September 25, 2018Quantcast, which owns and operates the world’s largest audience insights and measurement platform on the open internet, today announced, Q for Publishers, a new suite of products for media owners. The new tools enable publishers to identify new, more granular audiences across their properties while validating their audience composition faster than traditional measurement methods, driving increased advertising revenue in the process.

Q for Publishers has already been rolled out by more than 25 media owners, including global brands such as Buzzfeed, and Forbes, as well as specialist destinations including Apartment Therapy. The launch builds on Quantcast’s track record of delivering valuable products and services for publishers including its free Quantcast Measure product, which currently measures more than 100 million online destinations worldwide and helps publishers uncover new insights about their audience.

The new Q for Publishers suite gives publishers access to more powerful tools for building sustainable ad-driven business models by responding to advertiser request for proposals (RFPs) more accurately and efficiently. Replacing traditional panel-based measurement tools, Q for Publishers offers fresh, accurate data on audiences that publishers will be able to use to win budget that has, in recent years, increasingly been shifting to social media and walled gardens.

Key advantages of Q for Publishers

  • Faster access to regularly updated demographic and behavioural audience insights
  • More detailed direct audience measurement, down to the individual article, author or content topic level
  • A single, easy-to-use interface that existing sales teams can use
  • Reduces the time it takes to respond to a request for proposal (RFP) to hours instead of days

Commenting on the launch, Sam Barnett, Quantcast’s Chief Product Officer said, “Q for Publishers was developed to put more power back into the hands of the publisher by providing easy access to fresher and more accurate audience data. This new suite of powerful tools enables publishers to tap directly into Q, the world’s largest AI-driven audience behavior platform, to drive more revenue. We’re excited to work with more and more publishers to help maximize the value they’re seeing from their audiences.”

Commenting on the new audience insights that can inform advertiser conversations, Chris Phillips, VP & General Manager, Growth Verticals, Apartment Therapy & Kitchn said, “Using Q for Publishers’ Audience Planner application, we are able to see what content is most appealing to a specific segment of Apartment Therapy’s audience. For example, Quantcast helped us discover which how-to projects are most interesting to people just before they move.”

For more information on the applications, click here.

About Quantcast
Quantcast owns and operates the world’s largest audience insights and measurement platform on the open internet. Fueled by live data drawn from more than 100 million web and mobile destinations, Quantcast applies machine learning technology to help marketers, publishers, and agencies grow their brands by better understanding and predicting consumer interactions in real-time. Founded in 2006, Quantcast is headquartered in San Francisco and employs 700 employees in over 20 offices across 10 countries.

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