JUNE 29th, 2009, SAN FRANCISCO, CA — Quantcast announced today the launch of Quantcast Media Program the first solution to allow the buying and selling of audiences based on accurate, consistent and actionable data across the Web.

Quantcast Media Program provides advertisers with the first scalable way to define target audiences via their own data insights and apply this custom segmentation consistently throughout the buying process. With Quantcast Media Program advertisers can more efficiently grow their digital advertising initiatives while publishers can expand their audience solution set and grow the marketer base they can effectively serve.

“Quantcast Media Program brings the essential qualities of search marketing to display, making it addressable at the impression level, more accountable and enabling marketers to buy precisely the audiences they want,” said Konrad Feldman, CEO Quantcast. “This new solution enables scale and end-to-end consistency in media planning, buying and delivery that benefits publishers, marketers and consumers.”

How It Works
The Quantcast solution applies marketers’ unique customer interaction data from their media campaigns, search activity and brand website visitation to discover the distinctive audience characteristics of their most valuable consumer segments. Lookalike models then identify larger, similar consumer groups across the web. Marketers connect with publisher inventory to purchase these audience definitions, in real time, at scale. Quantcast Media Program maximizes marketer budgets by consistently reaching the right audience and expands the range of advertisers for which publishers can successfully deliver audiences.

“Advertisers ultimately want to deliver the right message to the right audience, and this system allows us to provide an even greater level of granularity and targeting capability across our broad range of quality content,” said Peter Naylor, Senior Vice President, Digital Sales, NBC Universal.  “We’re pleased to be working with Quantcast to help add that additional insight and value for our clients.”

Control and Consistency
Quantcast’s Media Program provides a uniform currency for ad buyers and sellers to transact with at scale. Publishers maintain control, offering inventory that delivers the desired audience segment to the market.

“While the future of advertising is addressable, Quantcast takes this concept one step further by giving the advertiser control over defining their own consumer segments and consistently applying those definitions across media outlets,” says Ed Montes, EVP and Managing Director, Havas Digital.  “By defining audience segments based off our own unique consumer engagements, we are able to obtain a much clearer view of our consumer and to have confidence that our messages are reaching the right audiences.”

Unique Approach Driven By Unparalleled Visibility
Quantcast’s innovative audience insights solution has extensive industry adoption, affording visibility across more than 10 million web assets, including sites, blogs and videos. Collectively Quantcast’s participants engage all 220 million U.S. internet users (and over 1 billion people worldwide) through 180 billion web based activities every month. This visibility supports deep insight into marketer and publisher audiences and a unique capability to understand the distinctive characteristics of any audience segment. When connected to planning, buying and media fulfillment, this results in the consistent delivery of rich audiences across a broad range of quality destinations. Quantcast solutions are used by more than half of the industry’s top publishers as ranked by ad revenue, and following the launch of services geared for ad buyers in Q2 of 2009, agencies and marketers from every major industry vertical participate in Quantcast programs.

Leading marketers and publishers are already leveraging Quantcast Media Program. To learn more about this new solution visit https://www.quantcast.com.