San Francisco (June 11, 2008) Quantcast, the pioneering provider of the world’s only open direct-measurement audience service, today launched Quantcast Media Planner, a first-of-its-kind service enabling agencies and marketers to find audiences that match their defined campaign targets. The service allows Quantcast’s rapidly growing base of Quantified Publishers to surface their audiences’ unique attributes to media buyers in ways that until now, have been unavailable.

Designed for advertising agencies, specialty marketing organizations and client-side industry professionals, the free service provides users with powerful visibility into web audiences, enabling more effective and actionable analysis. In addition to the most accurate traffic reporting available anywhere, Quantcast Media Planner enables sophisticated audience searches to be conducted against demographic attributes such as age, gender and income or against audience interest affinities such as Technology, Bridal, Gaming or Travel. Unique geographic indexing based on TV DMAs is also now supported by the service.

“With the Media Planner tool, Quantcast has set a new standard for audience insight, giving us the ability to evaluate audiences across properties we would have never had visibility into,” said Alan Schanzer, Managing Director of MEC Interaction, a WPP company. “A number of our teams are using the tool to improve planning decisions, we’re exploring innovative target segmentation solutions with publishers, and we’ve already begun to see significant benefits across our social media practice.”

Quantcast Media Planner integrates tightly with Quantcast’s publisher solutions, allowing Quantified Publishers to create custom audience segments that can be surfaced in the Media Planner and highlighted in audience searches.

“Sellers want to package inventory in unique ways, and buyers want to be able to discover, evaluate and transact based on actionable audience data. We’re focused on delivering solutions that unlock the potential of web audiences, to publishers and marketers alike,” said Konrad Feldman, CEO, Quantcast. “Quantcast Media Planner underscores our commitment to providing our growing community with the insights, data and services they need to build more valuable businesses.”

Quantcast enables publishers to better characterize their unique audiences, and gives both marketers and agencies an ability to discover and evaluate them. The company is the only audience measurement service with active publisher participation and its Quantified Publisher program, launched in September 2006, now provides direct-measurement for over 10 million online media assets, including websites, blogs, games, widgets and videos. The strength of this program allows audience modeling based on more than 700 million global Internet users, 200 million of whom are in the US.