APRIL 13th, 2009, SAN FRANCISCO, CA — Quantcast today announced the launch of Quantcast Marketer, providing advertisers with a revolutionary solution that generates insights from online consumer interactions associated with their brand and greatly improves their ability to pursue Web-wide audience-based media planning and buying.

The free service, which was previously available in private beta to over 40 top marketers, allows marketers to tag and directly-measure all Web-based media they control – ad campaign impressions, search activity, brand web site content and specific purchase or conversion events. Going beyond raw impression and conversion counts available from standard web analytics packages, Quantcast Marketer allows, for the first time, a comprehensive understanding of demographic and interest-based characteristics of audiences through the entire marketing funnel.

Quantcast Marketer has undergone extensive field testing over the past six months through a rigorous beta program that included clients and agencies such as Lenovo, Scottrade, Kia, Virgin America, Razorfish, Neo@Ogilvy and others representing a broad spectrum of industry categories including CPG, Financial Services and Education.

By constructing detailed audience profiles for every stage of the marketing funnel, Quantcast Marketer allows advertisers to identify and evaluate the specific characteristics of audiences that engage with their brands. With an unrivaled understanding of the most engaged customer groups, the service enables the discovery of similar audiences across the web and provides advertisers with complete control and confidentiality of their data.

“Quantcast Marketer has changed the way we think about defining our customer targets – they made the challenging task of understanding discreet consumer segments much easier,” said R.J. Hilgers, SVP, Managing Director at Razorfish. “We’ve uncovered new insights about our customers that have helped drive changes to our digital media strategy.”

“Virgin America is transforming the way people travel in the US, and by offering us the ability to see differences in conversion rates across demographic target groups, we feel Quantcast is doing the same thing for the way people advertise online,” said Porter Gale, Vice President of Marketing for Virgin America. “This is a new dimension and way to look at traditional metrics like impressions, click, and conversions. It’s hard to ignore an almost 500% difference in conversion rate based on education or 200% difference in conversion rate based on household income,” continued Gale.

Quantcast Marketer builds on the widespread adoption of the Quantcast Publisher program whose participants now comprise a wide swath of the industry’s leading media companies including publishers such as Time Inc., NBC Universal, CBS, MTV Networks and Fox Entertainment. Quantcast observes over 160 billion new census-level media consumption events every month across millions of Quantified Publisher media assets. With visibility into the media habits of over 200 million US internet users, Quantcast has an unmatched vantage point to characterize audiences and help marketers understand their customers and connect with media owners that can deliver the right audience.

“The digital media industry has been talking about the promise of scalable, audience-based brand planning and buying for a decade,” said Konrad Feldman, co-founder and CEO of Quantcast. “Quantcast Marketer finally empowers advertisers with the ability to understand who their key customer groups are and, most importantly, discover where they can be found at scale across the web.”

Quantcast Marketer is now available to all marketers.