SAN FRANCISCO, CA – JUNE 23, 2008: Quantcast, ( the pioneering provider of Open Internet Ratings, today announced the launch of the online media industry’s first audience measurement solution to provide comprehensive visibility into cookie-based traffic counts and people-based audience estimates for millions of Quantcast’s “quantified” web properties.

Until now, buyers and sellers of online advertising have debated over cookie-based publisher log-file counts and third-party panel service audience estimates. With Quantcast’s direct-measurement audience model, buyers and sellers are now provided with the only open, industry-wide measurement service offering clear visibility into both data points.

Quantcast’s revolutionary hybrid methodology leverages directly-measured cookie counts combined with panel and third party data sets within a sophisticated statistical framework. This new approach breaks through the limitations of current measurement models, which focus either on panel based data (people) or direct measurement (cookies).

Bridging these measurement methodologies marks an important step in enabling large sites to build customized segments of inventory with directly-measured audience data and supports vertical properties that may have no representation in pure panel-based measurement solutions.

“Quantcast is taking us out of the ‘dark ages’ of web audience measurement with its new approach,” said Bill Bradford, Senior Vice President, Content Strategy, Fox Broadcasting Company. “The Quantcast model finally delivers a solution which fully exploits the direct measurement capability of digital distribution, in the context of people, which is essential for delivering enhanced value to our consumers and our advertising partners. In addition, we use this valuable consumer insight for developing strategic marketing initiatives for the company.”

Twenty months after launch, Quantcast now has significant visibility into the global Internet user base. Observing billions of media consumption events every day across millions of distinct web properties, Quantcast has unparalleled insight into the world’s Internet population. This insight provides the basis for a comprehensive modeling approach that takes into account the unique characteristics that can drive differences between observed cookie and people counts, including important factors such as frequency of visit over time and work vs. home usage.

This resulting model provides a truly dynamic measurement platform, generating unique translations for every property, based on the specific characteristics of their audience.

“It’s hard to believe that the same panel-based solutions developed to measure audiences for print and TV platforms are still used today for the wildly different world of online measurement,” said Konrad Feldman, co-founder and CEO, Quantcast. “We launched Quantcast to solve this disconnect and cookie to people translation has been a core focus of our scientists from the outset. This is another important step in our drive to deliver transparency and addressable advertising solutions to the marketplace.”