SAN FRANCISCO, CA — Quantcast, a technology company specializing in real-time advertising and audience measurement, today announced that it has expanded its operations to the Nordic countries through the acquisition of Ad Performance, a leader that has redefined performance and audience based digital advertising in the Nordic market. Ad Performance Co-Founder and CEO, Anders Uhlin, has been appointed to the role of Nordics Managing Director at Quantcast. The company also announced its expansion to Italy and the appointment of Ilaria Zampori to the newly created role of General Manager, Italy.

“We continue to see very strong growth in Europe and are excited to expand our presence to the Nordic countries and Italy,” said Konrad Feldman, Co-Founder and CEO at Quantcast. “Our unique combination of proprietary data with vertically integrated modeling and campaign execution addresses a fundamental challenge in digital marketing; that of truly understanding the specific local audiences that are worth reaching and being able to do so at scale.”

The entire Ad Performance team joins Quantcast and Ad Performance’s Stockholm office becomes Quantcast’s base for the Nordic market. Ad Performance Co-Founder and CEO, Anders Uhlin, will become Nordics Managing Director for Quantcast. All Ad Performance customers are being provided with a seamless means to move their ongoing business to the Quantcast product. Terms of the acquisition were not disclosed.

“Last year 66 per cent of publishers in Sweden made their inventory available for programmatic trading. To truly maximise the programmatic opportunity, data must be the backbone to any digital advertising strategy,” commented Anders Uhlin, Co-Founder and CEO at Ad Performance. “We believe no other company in the advertising technology industry has a more intuitive solution and we are proud to be joining the Quantcast team to expand its Nordic presence.”

Daniel Norén, Marketing Manager at Lensway commented on the acquisition: “We’ve worked with the Ad Performance team for almost five years. The team is unique amongst Nordic companies due to their wealth of experience and deep insights into the performance and digital advertising industry. The acquisition by Quantcast is a natural transition for the team and enables us to continue to be a leading advertiser, utilising the latest technologies to drive efficient marketing.”

Quantcast evaluates 2.5 million transactions every second and is one of the largest processors of big data in the world. Daily data processing can exceed 30 Petabytes and the company pioneered the application of Big Data and Machine Learning technology to help advertisers influence and capture new customers across all channels. Quantcast amplifies advertisers’ stories with superior accuracy and scale against any target audience. With its accurate targeting applied across all major web and mobile advertising platforms, advertisers effortlessly reach and influence more of the right consumers. It delivers fewer wasted ad impressions, more relevance and bigger impact.

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