SAN FRANCISCO – July 11, 2013 – Quantcast, a digital advertising company specializing in audience measurement and real-time advertising, has integrated with the Facebook Exchange (FBX), Facebook’s online ad exchange powered by real-time bidding. Applying its unique predictive modeling techniques to FBX, Quantcast delivers ad campaigns that help advertisers find new customers on Facebook, rather than simply retargeting Facebook users that have previously visited the advertiser’s website.

Facebook represents more than 17 percent of the time consumers spend online in the U.S. Integrating with the Facebook Exchange expands Quantcast’s ability to efficiently find, influence and convert new prospects for the hundreds of major advertisers using Quantcast Advertise.

Quantcast uses its massive in-house data set to pattern-match and rank the entire U.S. online population against custom real-time models based on an advertiser’s best customers to identify the ideal target audience for ad campaigns. This allows Quantcast to efficiently reach new prospects who had not previously visited an advertiser’s site and drive them through to conversion. Already many of Quantcast’s clients are running on FBX, including Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas, which saw impressive results when it extended its Quantcast Advertise campaign on FBX.

Palms used Quantcast on FBX to help it identify new prospects from Facebook’s more than 140 million highly engaged U.S. users and drive them to purchase. “Quantcast’s real-time, data-driven approach helped us unlock the full potential of both the Facebook Exchange and standard display exchanges to efficiently drive new bookings,” said Erin Levzow, Executive Director of Hotel Marketing and eCommerce at Palms Casino Resort.

When Palms added the Facebook Exchange to its existing Quantcast Advertise real-time display campaign, its bookings were boosted 87 percent while simultaneously reducing the average cost per booking by 33 percent. Quantcast’s unique approach proved successful and was one of Palms’ leading ROI performers.

On average, clients who add the Facebook Exchange to their campaigns with Quantcast Advertise have seen a 50 percent increase in conversion volume and a 20 percent reduction in cost per conversion.

“We’re dedicated to delivering the most effective ad campaigns for marketers, and that means creating a relevant experience for consumers wherever they are on the Web,” said Konrad Feldman, CEO and co-founder of Quantcast. “The combination of our massive in-house data set and powerful predictive modeling with Facebook’s tremendous platform has meant both dramatically increased conversion volume and significant cost efficiencies for our clients.”