London, 13 November 2013: Audience measurement and real-time advertising company Quantcast has received independent verification for its brand safety policies under the Institute of Practitioners in Advertising (IPA) and the Incorporate Society of British Advertisers (ISBA) Brand Safety Initiative.

This independent verification confirms that Quantcast’s systems and policies prevent ads from appearing within unsuitable or damaging contexts and is an important milestone that confirms safeguards for advertisers.

Quantcast powers advertising for more than 1000 marketers and operates one of the most accurate and effective real-time bidding technologies. This brand safety verification is a testament to the sophistication of Quantcast’s technology and commitment to supporting advertisers and their brands.

Nigel Gwilliam, Consultant Head of Digital at the IPA said: “Our members place tremendous importance on safeguarding clients’ brands online. We would like to congratulate Quantcast for their pioneering efforts in this space, leading to their completion of the independent ABC audit.”

Peter Robins, Founder of agenda21 adds: “agenda21 takes the issue of protecting our clients from inappropriate placement very seriously. Buying advertising impressions in today’s digital ecosystem can be very complex so it’s been essential to have all the main trade bodies collaborate to address this issue. It’s good to see Quantcast taking the lead in securing independent verification to help us better protect our client’s campaigns from inappropriate content.”

Phil Macauley, European managing director at Quantcast said: “In the new age of buying digital advertising, an increasingly complicated process, brand safety has to be a priority. Protecting our client’s brands has and always will be of utmost importance to us and this Brand Safety initiative highlights the effort we have put into ensuring safe environments for them.”