SAN FRANCISCO and LONDON — Quantcast, a leading technology and real-time advertising company, today announced that it has acquired London-based Struq, a global leader in the rapidly growing dynamic creative optimization (DCO) and retargeting markets. The combined company will be the first to offer marketers a single source for proven prospecting, retargeting and ad personalization. Quantcast will now be able to leverage its deep knowledge of consumers’ online behavior with Struq’s ability to personalize an ad to deliver unrivaled relevance for consumers and the most effective advertising for brands.

“Quantcast’s focus on creating truly relevant advertising has fueled incredible business growth since we launched Quantcast Advertise just five years ago. With Struq, we saw an outstanding opportunity to create a company that could offer marketers the full spectrum of real-time ad solutions,” said Konrad Feldman, co-founder and CEO of Quantcast. “Our industry is only getting more complex as the shift to digital accelerates and the number of devices per consumer explodes globally. We’re creating a company that directly answers marketers’ demands for a strategic partner to help them navigate these changes and better prepare for the future across the full digital ad mix.”

“Struq’s mission is to revolutionize advertising through personalization. Combining Quantcast’s unrivaled data about online user behavior with our ad personalization technology will lead to a deeper understanding of users and enable us to more effectively personalize an ad to them. This will drive greater relevancy for every consumer and more efficient media spend for marketers,” said Sam Barnett, founder and CEO of Struq.

As an early Big Data pioneer, Quantcast has developed a massive dataset on media consumption that, combined with Struq’s deep data about consumer behavior, provides insight and possibilities few can match – creating the most accurate understanding of consumer intent outside of search. Quantcast has pioneered the application of big-data and machine learning to help advertisers influence and capture new customers online and on mobile devices. Struq works at the other end of the purchasing spectrum, by helping marketers engage and convert customers who have shown an interest in a product, but who haven’t yet made a purchase. For example, Struq is able to continuously assess where each consumer is in the conversion funnel and, through DCO, programmatic targeting and ad personalization, re-engage them with unique creative, products, and messages that help turn that interest into a completed purchase.

Terms of the deal were not disclosed. Upon closing, Struq will become part of Quantcast Advertise and the two companies will combine their offices in London, New York, San Francisco and Los Angeles. London will also become the company’s third Engineering Hub alongside San Francisco and Singapore.