SAN FRANCISCO, Calif., — This week Quantcast, a technology company specializing in digital advertising and audience measurement, significantly expands US corporate sales and services by opening an Austin, Texas office. Eager to join the flourishing Austin technology community, Quantcast announced the beginning of an aggressive hiring push with an open recruiting event at the Capital Factory on Wednesday, September 16th. The opening presents an opportunity to get in the door of one of the most innovative companies at the intersection of data and culture.

“As we began to think about the rapid growth of our team, it became clear that a second US location would allow us to both grow quickly and cost effectively, thus driving top-line revenue and margin,” said Rick Boyce, head of corporate sales. “Looking at cities that offer a bounty of high-tech talent and vibrant growth opportunities, Austin was an obvious choice.”

The new office will be located within the Capital Factory, a well-known entrepreneurial hub in Austin’s downtown innovation zone. Quantcast is seeking seasoned sales, client services, and media professionals to grow company revenues and build the office culture.

“Austin has one of the highest start-ups per capita in the United States right now,” said Stephen Collins, Quantcast’s chief financial officer, “It’s fast growing, eclectic and attracts a lot of talented tech professionals. We believe our Austin presence will add to the local tech community and be accretive to our global company culture.”

The rapid growth trajectory of US real-time bidding (RTB) display advertising – increasing from an estimated $14 billion in 2015 to a projected $20 billion in 2016 according to eMarketer – supports that there is a lot more to come for Quantcast and the digital advertising industry at large.

“This is just the beginning of a very exciting time for Quantcast corporate sales and services,” said Megan Edwards, global head of client services, “We look forward to a strong 2015 and an even stronger 2016 with our joint offices and teams.”

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