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Intelligent planning, insights and reporting built for publishers

Real-time, granular insights in seconds, not hours Craft better stories about your audience and shine in a crowded space.

Understand audience behavior and contextual interests better with real-time demographic and psychographic data. Identify unique audiences wherever they live on your network – all the way down to the section, article, or author. Spend less time gathering data and more time connecting with brands.

Nuanced content trends for unique audiences Tailor content for your users.

Create better custom content for your advertisers based on real audience preferences and interests. Inform your website content strategy with real-time insights into your audiences’ content preferences.

Extensive audience building capabilities Easily align with advertisers’ RFPs.

Build the exact personas that come across in RFPs and uncover a detailed picture of unique insights about that audience across your websites.

Robust campaign audience reporting and insights Demonstrate audience reach and campaign performance to brands.
Stay on top of key audience KPIs for mid-flight optimizations and deliver value-add insights to advertisers that could lead to additional revenue opportunities or renewals.

Unlock the power of your audience

Nuanced audience insights

Access advanced intelligence like shopping interests, brand affinity and brand preferences, customized to fit your business needs.

Granular content insights

Unlock nuanced psychographics for specific sections of your website broken down to specific sections, authors and even individual articles.

Mid-flight and post campaign reporting

Stay on top of key audience KPIs for mid-flight optimizations, or deliver value-add insights to advertisers that could lead to additional revenue opportunities or renewals.

Build better audience reports

Build the exact personas that come across in RFPs. Showcase your audience and open up new opportunities with advertisers.

“Through Quantcast insights, Forbes is driving real value and performance in new areas and influencing client’s overall media strategies, ultimately driving new revenue and deeper partnerships for Forbes.”
Alyson Williams
“Quantcast helps us see the big picture and the smallest one, down to each of our 400,000 fan communities, across web and mobile. It helps us show brand advertisers how a massive audience also can be a highly engaged audience.”
Zak Kirchner
Market Research Director
“Our listeners engage with us through a number of different channels both online and offline. We are thrilled to be able to upload custom, on and offline audiences, through the Quantcast platform – a single tool to import and understand any audience.”
Dan McKinney
Vice President, Data & Analytics
“Being the authority on exceptional home design, Dwell is the marketplace that connects people to design content and products they like. Quantcast is a tool we use to help us better understand our changing audience behaviors and interests, allowing us to respond to our growing audience needs and their evolving way of living.”
Nicole Wolfgram
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