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You are just a few steps away from privacy-compliance* for your sites and apps!

* We can’t guarantee compliance.

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“I love the ease of use and flexibility, it means that we can consistently adapt the solution to our needs”
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“Simplicity of the integration with tag manager from google”

Let’s set up Choice on your site or app Universal Tag Implementation

The Universal Tag includes both Quantcast Choice & Quantcast Measure, our audience insights and analytics tool. This enables us to provide Quantcast Choice for free to all users and makes implementation of the combined tag easier.

Here are some implementation guides to follow:

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  • Deep understanding of both compliance and digital ads
  • 14-year trusted relationship with publishers and advertisers

Google support

  • Core partner with the IAB on the development of the transparency and consent framework
  • Creator of first widely available IAB-focused CMP

General Quantcast Choice support

  • Implement Choice in less than an hour
  • Minimal effort needed. We do the heavy lifting for you