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You can do more than just skim the surface of your audience. To grow their numbers and your revenue, use an analytics product that gives you deeper audience insights into who they are, what drives them, and what content they care about.

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Learn who your audience really is

To succeed in digital content, you’ve got to understand your audience as completely as possible. The more you know, the more captivating content you can create. Quantcast Measure provides the data you need to know your audience like the back of your hand.

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Website Traffic Insights

Avoid outdated approaches

Most analytics products use research techniques inherited from radio and television, which take a subset of visitors to represent your entire audience. Insights get based on that one group. Because this limited data is never truly verifiable, it becomes easy to miss who your audience really is.

Quantcast measure is the only free analytics product that measures your visitors directly. By placing our tag on your site, you can track individual cookies in real time. This will give you a more detailed picture of your audience and what content interests them most.

100,000,000 Over 100 million web destinations have opted to participate in Quantcast Measure

Get the fine-grained insights you need

For today’s advertisers, generalizations won’t do. To create high-performing content, they need more granular data about your audience. Direct measurement is a rigorous, digital-first method that delivers it—for every RFP.

Earn more ad revenue

Advertisers want to know your audience is right for them. Quantcast Measure gives you such detailed views of your audience, it gets easy to prove their relevance, pinpoint areas of your site to target, and even identify what content will work best.

This is the kind of data that helps you win more RFPs and earn higher prices for your ad space.

How it works

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Quantcast Measure is free. To get started, just create an account and register your site URL.

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Start tracking your audience

Place our tag on each page of your site you want to track. It’s just a snippet of code.

Quantcast Measure Audience Insights

See who they are

Visit your custom dashboard to start getting to know your audience. It takes 1-2 days for your audience data to show up.

So many ways to see your audience

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Understand what they do, buy, and watch

Imagine it were easy to learn what audience members do for a living, what brands of cars they prefer, what sports they like, what shows they watch, or what products they buy. It’s not a fantasy. Quantcast Measure pulls in audience data from a wide array of trusted partners like TiVo Research and Oracle Datalogix.

Now imagine you’re an advertiser looking to connect with the right audience. This kind of data would make a huge difference, wouldn’t it?

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Thin-slice your audience

By using our content labels, you can focus on unique slices of your audience. See who’s viewing content in each section of your site, understand your audience for particular authors, and even examine who’s looking at specific products.

Wow the advertisers

This flexibility to slice and dice your audience is virtually unmatched by other analytics products. It gives you the power to show advertisers where their ideal audience is on your site. That translates to more RFP wins and more revenue for you.

See the audience data of our top customers

Many of our customers make their Quantcast Measure audience data publicly available. Click on the logos below to get a deeper view of each customer’s audience.


What information does Quantcast collect?

We collect directly measured data from the millions of web destinations and mobile apps controlled by quantified publishers. All the data we collect is anonymous and contains no personally identifiable information (PII).

What is the date range for the traffic numbers on your site?

For quantified sites, traffic numbers are updated daily and work on a rolling 30-day basis (traffic statistics shown are from the previous 30 days). For non-quantified sites, data is updated monthly.

Will my data be protected?

All data in Quantcast Measure can be hidden from public view, accessible only via login and password. Website owners have full control over the accessibility of their data.

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