This interview will be 60 minutes.

Part 1: 30 minutes max followed by Q&A

The client is a streaming TV service that is trying to understand two of their customer segments: (1) Free audience/lowest level customer and (2) Highest level Live TV audience. To tease out the differences of these two groups, compare them to the overall Total US. Tell a story of each of these customer segments using the attached data (which includes info on demographics, browsing interest categories, and search terms) and what is different/similar.

Part 2: 5 minutes followed by Q&A

It would be great to hear about your vision for this role and where you would plan to focus your first 90 days within the business. This doesn’t need to go into great detail, we would just like to understand how you see yourself getting to grips with the company and building out your role, plans and processes.

What to prepare:

Please create a presentation that includes the following sections:

  • Intro: Brief Quantcast overview highlighting our services to demonstrate your understanding of Quantcast and its value to clients
  • Campaign Performance Analysis: use the data in this excel document
    • Year over year comparison for Q4 of both campaigns
    • Analysis of the full year’s worth of data for both campaign
  • Audience Insights: Review audience data to complete an analysis and audience profile for each campaign
  • Recommendations: Include both tactical and strategic recommendations on how we can improve performance and/or increase spend level for the campaign.
How you will be evaluated:
  • Presentation Skills
  • Look & Feel
  • Simplicity
  • Storytelling
  • Upsell
How you will be evaluated:
  • KPIs & Goals
    • The ROAS goal for the Gift Cards campaign is 500%
    • The ROAS goal for the Pants campaign is 650%
    • The secondary goal is CPA
  • Formulas
    • ROAS $ = Revenue/Spend
    • ROAS % = (Revenue/Spend)*100
    • CPA = Spend/Conversions
    • Spend = (Impressions/1000)*CPM
  • Helpful Links