A major component of our interview process for Inside Sales will be a sales pitch that you will present to several members of the sales team. You need to pitch us on a product that you are familiar with as if we are potential customers.


  • Pitch something you are comfortable with. This may be something that you have sold in a previous job, or a product or service that you have researched and are very familiar with.
  • Mostly, we just want to get a sense of how you sell, your process and what your presentation skills are like.
  • Treat it like a live sales call – we will role-play. While 3 to 4 people may attend the pitch, you will identify just two who will role play as customers. Before the role play begins you will set up the pitch and let us know who the client is and what roles you would like people to play so they can ask questions in character. Make sure your client is relevant to what you are selling (i.e. I would not pitch newspaper ads to Quantcast).
  • Aim for about a 15 to 20-minute pitch and utilize a sales deck (PowerPoint).

Keep in mind

  • Role-play as if this is your one and only in-person or phone presentation with this client. This client is planning to buy and is evaluating all reasonable alternatives before making a final decision.
  • This is a SALES pitch so keep in mind the main purpose of a sales pitch. If you have not done one before, do some research.
  • We will provide a projector for your presentation. Please bring your own laptop to present from AND bring a USB flash drive with your presentation in case we need to plug into someone else’s laptop.