General Guidelines

These policies and procedures are designed to act as a guideline for candidate travel and expense reimbursements. The purpose of this Policy is to establish the framework and standards for how candidates may spend Quantcast funds while traveling for recruiting reasons and incurring other candidate-reimbursable expenses on behalf of Quantcast.

All candidates who must travel more than 50 miles to attend an interview at a Quantcast office are eligible to receive reimbursements for expenses incurred during the trip. Candidates will be reimbursed to a cap of $80 per day for all expenses.

Quantcast will reimburse expenses by providing a pre-paid VISA card that the candidate may use either during or after the trip. The amount of funds on the pre-paid VISA card will be determined by the # of days the candidate travels to and from the Quantcast interview location.

As a general example, if the candidate flies to the Quantcast interview location on Monday, interviews on Tuesday and flies home on Tuesday evening, the pre-paid VISA card will be loaded with $160, accounting for $80 each day.

The pre-paid VISA card (or PEX card) has an expiration date of 90 days from the date of your onsite interview. The funds provided on the card must be used within that timeframe or the remaining funds will be transferred back to Quantcast. No exceptions will be made after the 90 days.


Candidates who interview at our San Francisco or Austin location will receive their pre-paid VISA card when they arrive for their on-site interview.

Candidates who interview at any other U.S. location that they have traveled more than 50 miles to reach will receive their pre-paid VISA card in the mail to their residential address a few days after their on-site interview is complete.


VISA cards can be used at all locations in which VISA is accepted and there is no restrictions on what types of merchants you can use the card. We expect you could use the card to pay for extra meals during travel, cab fare, or to reimburse yourself for other expenses you incurred on your trip.

Please note that the VISA cards will be active for three months starting from your onsite interview date. If after this period you have not used the funds, you have forfeited your right to receive reimbursement for your interview trip.

If you are requesting to be reimbursed for more than the $80 per day limit for a special circumstance, you must receive written approval from a member of the Quantcast Talent Acquisition team.

Booking & Reimbursement

The Recruiting Team at Quantcast will be responsible for booking all travel and hotel bookings for candidates. However, in the case that a candidate books his or her own travel or hotel, please follow the below guidelines for booking and reimbursement.

Air / Rail Travel

Air travel reservations should be made in such a manner as to secure the best available fare. Available resources include, but are not limited to: travel agents, online resources, directly with the airlines or in-house administrators. ALL AIR TRAVEL MUST BE IN COACH CLASS AND NOT EXCEED $300 (origin West of Denver) USD or $600 USD (origin East of Denver).

When traveling by air:

  • Candidates are expected to use the lowest logical airfare available.
  • Air travel may require a connection or the use of alternative airports in order to reduce travel costs.
  • Candidates are required to travel in coach/economy class.
Ground Transportation: Taxi and Train

Candidates are expected to use the least expensive form of transportation available. Public transportation should be utilized over cabs whenever possible.

Candidates traveling locally using ride share services, like Uber or Lyft, should keep costs around or below the $80 a day limit. Quantcast will not reimburse candidates who travel locally for the day above that amount.

Lodging and Hotel

Hotel reservations should be made in such a manner as to secure the best available rate and must be booked in a standard room.

Pre-tax hotel cost should not exceed:

  • $375 per night in New York City
  • $300 per night in San Francisco, Los Angeles and Chicago
  • $250 per night in other parts of the U.S.
  • £200 per night in London

Hotels should be selected as close as possible to the business location in order to minimize transportation costs.

Hotel expenses are usually booked through the Recruiting team, but in the case that a candidate books his or her own hotel room, the cost will be reimbursed through a reimbursement report. All pages of the original hotel receipt must be included. Ancillary services such as movies, internet, fitness centers, shoes shine, valet, mini-bar etc. are not reimbursable.

Reporting Guidelines

Candidates should submit expense reports no later than 30 days following the completion of the trip or of incurring the expense. Expenses submitted for reimbursement 30 days after being incurred will not be accepted.

Documentation Requirement

Documentation and receipts will not be required if the Talent Acquisition team is booking your travel. Meals and ground transportation will be covered via your pre-paid VISA card provided by your recruiting coordinator.

For candidates who are booking their own travel, the following information must be provided in order to be reimbursed for any recruiting-related expenses:

  • Appropriate mailing address to send reimbursement check or complete a form with your bank accounts details for deposit into your account (this is our preference).
  • Receipts for all expenditures. Quantcast will not be able to reimburse for an expenses that do not have a receipt.
Approval / Authorization / Payment Process

The candidate will submit all receipts for reimbursement to the recruiting coordinator. Scanned receipts must have the date and total cost visible in order to be submitted. The recruiting coordinator, and in some cases Manager of Recruiting as well, will approve all reimbursement reports.

Once approval has been obtained, the Quantcast Talent Acquisition team will pass along the reimbursement claim to our Accounts Payable department who will process the request and mail a reimbursement check to the candidate’s provided address or deposit directly to your bank account. Once submitted, reimbursements can about 6-8 weeks to be sent, we appreciate your patience!