Alumni Referral Program

Quantcast will pay a $5,000 USD bonus for qualified non-engineering referrals that are hired and a $10,000 USD bonus for qualified engineering referrals* that are hired. Bonuses are paid out 90 days after the referral’s start date and will be mailed to you.

If you have any questions about when your bonus will be paid out, or if you aren’t sure if you received your bonus, please contact Alumni Referrals.

Eligibility Requirements
  1. You need to really know the person
    • You can intelligently speak to their appropriateness for the role.
    • You should be knowledgeable about the individual and their suitability for the role and be willing to be active in the recruitment process.
    • You give permission to Quantcast Talent Acquisition to use your name when contacting the candidate.
  2. The candidate is ‘new’
    • The candidate is not already in communication with a member of the Talent Acquisition team in the past six months.
    • The candidate has not been referred by another employee or alumni in the past six months.
  3. You are the candidate’s referrer of record in our applicant tracking system, Lever.
    • All referrals must be submitted via and include all required information (see Referral Process below)
    • Referrals will not be accepted if the candidate has already been entered into our applicant tracking system, Lever, by applying themselves or being added by someone else.
  4. The candidate is hired and retained through 90 days


  • If you refer a contractor or intern who converts to a full-time role, you will receive your bonus 90 days after the employee’s start date in the full-time role.
  • Referral bonuses will not be paid out until after the 90-day period, at which point Quantcast HR will confirm that the alumnus will receive a bonus in the next pay period.
Referral Process

To see a list of our currently open jobs, please visit: Quantcast Careers

You must submit all Alumni Referrals to Alumni Referrals

The following information must be included in your email for a valid referral:

  • Alumni’s Name
  • Candidate Name
  • Link to the role you are referring the candidate
  • How do you know the candidate?
  • Why we should hire the candidate?
  • Resume or LI profile is attached to the email. ​

*In order to be eligible for the $10k bonus for an engineering hire, candidates must take part in the full technical recruiting process, including technical interviews and coding tests. For engineering hires that do not take part in full technical interview process, the referrer will be paid a $5k referral bonus. HR/Talent Acquisition will confirm the bonus amount for the referral shortly after the hire.