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Quantcast offers a full suite of audience measurement products for your direct sales efforts.


Direct Measurement Technology

Quantcast Measure è l'unico prodotto gratuito di analisi dell'audience che misura gli utenti in modo diretto. Inserendo il tag di Quantcast nel sito, si può monitorare il comportamento di ogni singolo cookie in tempo reale.

Detailed Data On Your Properties

Get detailed views of your site’s rank, past and present traffic, demographics and deeper audience insights like shopping habits, media interests and more.

Measure Enterprise

Win New Deals

Locate and report on specific personas across your site in minutes. Respond to RFPs with Audience Builder to prove that your site has the audience advertisers are seeking.

Retain & Scale Revenue

Validate audience delivery of display or branded content campaigns. Optimize mid-flight and show post-campaign success reaching an advertiser’s target audience.

Improve Operational Efficiency

Help your sales and support teams spend less time gathering data, and more time closing deals. Get granular audience insights in one clean, visual platform, and pull reports instantly.

Maximize The Value Of Your Brand

Get flexible, instant reporting options to rapidly build the best story to tell advertisers. Give your sales team trusted audience data proving you’re a good fit for a campaign.

Product Features