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Get direct access to transparent measurement tools so you can manage your growth with clear and accurate data. Access the right metrics in real-time and get to know your audience better, faster

Metrics that matter

Insights-driven reporting

Understand your audiences and campaigns in granular detail.

Automated delivery

Deeper reporting with automated delivery means you get the data you need the way you want it.

Brand Impact

Accurately measure how your online advertising impacted your brand.

Campaign Performance Transparency

Understand the relative contribution that prospecting and retargeting play in driving incremental users.

Stay On Top of Campaign PerformanceGo deeper with our comprehensive, any time reporting. Maximize ROI with path-to-conversion insights, time-of-day conversion analysis and robust demographic and lifestyle insights.


Website traffic

Understand the impact of marketing on your website. The traffic graph shows uniques, visits and page views, broken down by device.



Identify high value segments or see how your audience changes as they move through the funnel. Demographic insights include: Gender, Age, Family, Education, Ethnicity, HHI and Political Affiliation.


Audience Interests

Learn more about your customers’ interests, including the top thousand websites they visit, what they buy, where they shop, what they drive, what they watch and much more with data from Mastercard, TiVo Research and many others, all powered by Quantcast Audience Grid.


Media Consumption

Identify opportunities for holistic media sponsorships or inform your TV or Print campaigns. This report shows the top indexing online media consumption behaviors of your customers.



Monitor campaign performance using standard metrics such as impression delivery and budget pacing, as well as key metrics associated with creative performance or specific campaign goals, including conversions, CPA and ROAS.


Prospecting Insights

Understand the effectiveness of prospecting for your campaigns. Insights provided include, Prospecting and Conversion Rate, Average Time to Convert from First Impression and First Site Visit and details on your optimal Attribution Window.


Conversion Analysis

Find out when your customers are most likely to convert. This analysis shows conversions by time of day and day of week.

Accurately measure your brand impact

Quantcast post-campaign reporting validates that your ads were served to your intended audience. Brands often spend thousands of dollars on such information. With Quantcast, it’s free.

Partnering with leading 3rd party vendors, measure the success of your influence using brand lift, foot traffic or audience validation reports.

“ARB as a brand is very conscious of reaching the right people and bringing quality traffic to their website. The Quantcast traffic showed an uplift in engagement on the website compared to Google Display Ads.”
Andreas Karlsson
Performance Manager
G Squared

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