Something Rotten!, a new musical well regarded by critics, was looking to gain more traction on Broadway. Its agency, Spotco, a global leader in entertainment advertising, turned to programmatic video to bring additional scale and relevance to promoting the show.

Because Something Rotten! is a relatively new Broadway musical, we were looking for a solution that could generate awareness and interest in the show with engaging video ads—Quantcast Search Powered Audiences did exactly that.”

Kyle Fox, Digital Media Manager, Spotco

Quantcast reached the most relevant audiences with highly engaging video advertisements.

  • Search Powered Audiences: Using the search intent signals of avid music and Broadway fans, and also tourists looking for entertainment options in New York City, Quantcast engaged more people exhibiting these behavior patterns and generated additional ticket sales.
  • Engaging Video Advertising: Quantcast’s video solution focuses on reaching the most receptive audiences with high-quality video inventory.


  • +72% video viewability rate (3x higher than any other partner on the plan)
  • 3.5x engagement