Optimising to 3 primary KPIs ensuring one would not compromise the other:

  • Achieve a demographic target index of 135 (validated by comScore vCE)
  • Deliver to a desired viewable CPM (Cost Per Thousand)
  • Control frequency of 6x overall

Making our media more efficient and effective is critical to our overall strategy. Quantcast was able to deliver and exceed the goals that we set on both accuracy and viewability. The results directly impacted our approach to our digital media plan.”

Susie O’Donoghue, Senior European Media Strategy & Planning Manager, Kellogg’s


Amplifi worked closely with Quantcast to develop a market-first solution for Kellogg’s. Balancing all three KPI’s and delivering scale and accuracy. This involved Amplifi clearly defining the KPI’s as well as understanding the most effective target audience to enable Kellogg’s to reach their desired objectives. The solution to this was to build a unique algorithm for Kellogg’s allowing the campaign to be optimized to all 3 KPI’s as primary. This effectively meant that Quantcast developed a new bidder which enabled Kellogg’s to buy the right demographic audience at scale and ensured that all ads that were delivered were viewable. This was only made possible by the close working relationship between Quantcast and Amplifi.


  • 81% over the demographic target average frequency index score goal
  • Viewable CPM
  • 6x average frequency