Quantcast Choice Service Descriptions

Quantcast Choice Basic Services

The basic services for Quantcast Choice enable operators of digital properties to display a user interface to consumers, including selectively by geographic information inferred from a consumer’s Internet Protocol address to (i) provide information to consumers about how their Personal Information is processed in accordance with the IAB Europe Transparency and Consent Framework; (ii) allow consumers to consent, refuse or withdraw consent and/or object to the processing of their Personal Information in accordance with the IAB Europe Transparency and Consent Framework; and (iii) allow consumers to opt out of the sale of their Personal Information in accordance with the IAB CCPA Compliance Framework. The Quantcast Choice Basic Services further enable operators of digital properties to store users’ privacy preferences and transmit stored privacy preferences in accordance with the IAB Europe Transparency and Consent Framework or IAB CCPA Compliance Framework, as applicable.

Quantcast Choice Additional Services

Quantcast has not released any additional services for Quantcast Choice at this time.

Quantcast Choice TCFv2

Choice for Publishers and Marketers Simplify Consent & Compliance Management

We help with privacy compliance, so you can focus on your business

Quantcast Choice CMP TCF v2.0 consumer interface

The FREE privacy tool trusted by 25,000+ publishers and brands

Quantcast Choice CMP Customer BuzzFeed
Quantcast Choice CMP Customer Reach
Quantcast Choice CMP Customer The Independent
Quantcast Choice CMP Customer Immediate Media
Quantcast Choice CMP Customer Euronics
Quantcast Choice CMP Customer Peoples Postcode Lotter

We cover three key areas for you Consumer trust, business growth, and vendor control.

Quantcast Choice user trust

Build consumer trust by providing
transparency and control

Consumer control
Show your consumers they are in control.
Trusted interface
One of the most familiar and trusted consent management interfaces.
Minimize delays
Minimize delays to in-page customer experience.
Quantcast Choice maximize ad revenue

Maximize ad revenue while supporting
compliance with data protection laws

Easy implementation
Optimized design generates high consent rates.
Understanding compliance
Minimal effort needed. Implementation can take as little as an hour.
Understanding compliance
Deep understanding of both compliance and digital advertising ecosystem.
Quantcast Choice vendor control

Improve vendor control via
a standardized solution

User data control
Control which partners can collect and process your user data.
IAB TCF v2.0 framework
Built on the ONLY industry-wide transparency and consent framework, IAB TCF v2.0
Privacy expertise
Expertise on the IAB framework.

Built By Consumer Privacy Experts, With Ad Tech Partners

For Publishers You keep creating great content – we’ll help you with consent.

We take the complexity off your hands, enabling data consent across your digital properties, efficiently managing the flow of consumer consent.

For Advertisers Collecting consent is the gateway to effective targeting.

We aim to minimize impact to your marketing funnel with highly optimized design while helping you meet key privacy requirements.

How Choice Helps You Solve Key Privacy Issues Choice features directly line up with the four core functionalities of a CMP

Quantcast Choice CMP consumer privacy icon

Purpose Notification

Provides notices of the purpose and vendors for processing personal data

Quantcast Choice CMP consumer consent notification icon

Privacy Preferences

Provides users options to allow or disallows processing on a granular basis under both the consent and legitimate interest legal basis

Quantcast Choice CMP consent signal storage and access icon

Signal Storing & Sharing

Signals vendor and purpose permissions for processing personal data

Quantcast Choice CMP audit logs icon

Audit Log

Site owners can access the audit log and use it to prove that consent was given

Your Best Partner for Consent & Compliance Management



  • Deep understanding of both compliance and digital ads
  • 14-year trusted relationship with publishers and advertisers


  • Core partner with the IAB on the development of the transparency and consent framework
  • Creator of first widely available IAB-focused CMP


  • Implement Choice in less than an hour
  • Minimal effort needed. We do the heavy lifting for you

Data Protection Regulatory Compliance Can your consent management platform handle today’s regulatory standards?

General Data Protection Regulation GDPR

The GDPR generally applies to any business, whether or not it is based in the EU, that processes the personal data of EU residents. The GDPR applies to these businesses even if the goods or services that they offer are free.

Transparency & Consent Framework TCF

The Transparency and Consent Framework (TCF) was created by IAB Europe to help publishers, advertisers, and ad networks comply with the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and ePrivacy Directive (Cookie Law).

California Consumer Privacy Act CCPA

The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) was passed in June 2018 and went into effect January 1, 2020. The CCPA is designed to regulate the ‘sale’ of personal information of California residents by a business, and provide more privacy protections to California residents.

Required Update to TCF v2.0

Resources Get up and running fast

Our help center and blog post gives you the education and insights you need to set-up your Choice today

Quantcast Supports Google’s TCF v2.0 Integration

The Quantcast Choice team has continually supported publishers and advertisers over the past few months as they begin to migrate to IAB TCF v2.0.

Free access to the upgraded Quantcast Choice CMP

Choice is one of the first TCF v2.0-compliant consent management platforms validated by IAB Europe.

Help Center

Browse help articles and guides to help get up and running fast

Get Choice for Free Simplify your consent today

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Quantcast Choice TCFv1

Q for Publishers

Relevate Auto Audience Data


Data Mentors/Relevate is Data as a Service Solutions Company. We are a builder of primary content and have been in the data business for over 35 years. Relevate Auto and Relevate New Movers data is insightful, with a focus on accuracy, time to market, and value to the brand advertiser. Relevate’s unique content addresses multiple segments from Retail and CPG to Automotive, Insurance, Financial Services, Telecom- from Travel to Healthcare. Any of our segments can be customized to your brands, and at any time.

How we collect data

Relevate Auto: our auto data is not modeled nor inferred, nor is it self-reported. Our data comes from Dealers, Service Centers, Bays and Co-Reg-data— we know what is in the driveway and what is on the dealer’s lot. To insure accuracy, we use Dealer lot VIN data as a suppression trigger to update the database, clearly defining what is in the driveway or garage, and what is not. Our data is fully compliant with Shelby and DPPA and we do not use any DMV data.

In addition to make, model year, purchase date, new/used, in market models and attending demographics, we build segments by lifestyle-‘moms and kids Mini-vans’- ‘wealth or desired wealth- luxury brands’- ‘outdoors and heavy load’ Trucks, all by make and model, age, income, year purchased and in-the- market. Data is received daily and a full file replacement is loaded every 30 days.

Data Categories

  • Make (OEM Brand)
  • Model
  • Purchase type: New or Used at time of purchase
  • Age of Vehicle
  • Fuel Type: Hybrid, Gasoline, Diesel,Bio-Diesel, Flex Fuel, Lithium-Ion Battery, Petroleum
  • Purchase Date
  • Vehicle Type: Car, Luxury Car, SUV, Luxury SUV, Truck, Luxury Truck, Van, Luxury Van
  • Vehicle Year
  • Number of Vehicles in the Household
  • Estimated Household Income
  • Home Owner
  • Median Home Value

Plus custom segments by category, demographics, regions and in-market models.