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Quantcast Supernova Sheds Light on the Future of Media and Technology

An actual supernova is a high-energy event that disrupts and sheds light on a galaxy, the contents scattering and condensing to form the next generation of stars. We think that Quantcast’s first summit on March 25, dubbed Supernova, acted in a similar manner, providing an event that inspired and illuminated key topics in the media and technology industry.

Supernova was differentiated from other conferences by being a platform for Quantcast customers by Quantcast customers, with marketers like Crate and Barrel’s The Land of Nod, KQED, Time Inc., Shutterfly and CloSys. Marketers shared their learning and wisdom in panel discussions and presentations, illuminating what they are seeing within the advertising, technology and media sectors. Added inspiration and insights were provided by some of the media and technology industry’s most forward thinkers including:

  • David Cooperstein, VP, Research Director serving CMO professionals, Forrester Research
  • Kenn Cukier, Data Editor, The Economist. Co-author, “Big Data: A Revolution that Will Transform How We Live, Work, and Think”
  • Dave Evans, Chief Futurist, Cisco

The insights gleaned from the Supernova speakers ran the gamut from attribution methodology, to the Internet of things, to effective strategies for publishers, to some of big data’s dirty secrets. Below are a few choice excerpts from Supernova.

“Today is intended to give you insight into successful marketing tools and strategies that you can employ in your business as well as get a feel for what’s coming next in terms of big data and the impact it might have on marketing.” – Konrad Feldman, CEO Quantcast

“The challenge for you as marketers is how do you deliver that desired information? How do you make sure that you have the desired information or service on any appropriate device in any context at the customer’s moment of need? That’s the mobile mindset for companies.” – David Cooperstein, Vice President, CMO Practice, Forrester Research

“Context changes everything. Today’s experience is we just flood people with impressions. You see hundreds of thousands of impressions every day but they’re not targeted towards you. It’s a sort of a ‘one size fits all.’ What context does is context starts to identify who you are, where you are, what you’re doing and information starts to find you. And this is how you differentiate yourself from all the noise.” – Dave Evans, Chief Futurist, Cisco Consulting Services

“At the start of the Internet, I should say web economy, in the mid-90s there was a real perception that incumbents were going to be crushed and the advantage would go to the start-ups because they were unencumbered by a world with brick and mortars, and they could re-define business models and largely that was true. We saw that with Amazon, but when you think about it with big data it’s not so clear. There is plenty of room for startups; however, when you think about it, the real advantage is going to go to incumbent players and the reason why is because they have the data.” – Kenneth Cukier, Data Editor The Economist

For a taste of what Supernova looked like, check out our highlight video below. In the coming weeks we will be posting video of the key sessions and takeaways, so stay tuned for more exciting content from the event.

Supernova in San Francisco was the first in a series of events taking place throughout the year in New York and London, and we aim to illuminate and inspire even more.

Posted by Christina Cubeta, VP Marketing and Communications