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Display Ad Clickers Are Not Your Customers

Facebook has been offering a new conversion tracking system to advertisers for the past several months. In their recent earnings call, COO Sheryl Sandberg cited this data and revealed a very interesting insight about the path to conversion for Facebook users:

“Of all the users who bought a product they saw advertised on Facebook, 99% of them didn’t click on the ad.”

Sandberg’s comments echoed the position taken by our CEO, Konrad Feldman, in a recent whitepaper on clicks vs. views – that display advertising cannot be accurately measured or optimized through clicks.

In fact, the profiles of people who click on display ads are critically different from people who become actual converters. In a sense, optimizing for clickers is “anti-optimal.”

It is clear that the path to a purchase, or conversion event, is never a straight line. When marketers focus only on click-based conversions, they are ignoring the increasingly important and significant contribution of conversions that happen based on viewing an ad. Only when marketers put more emphasis on conversions rather than clicks does a fuller picture begin to emerge.

View the full whitepaper here.