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Reaffirming Our Commitment to Consumer Choice and Control


A little more than a year ago we addressed a paper that was published by a research team at Berkeley discussing Flash cookies, including their use by Quantcast and others, and their potential to reinstate browser cookies based on Flash Stored Objects (also called FSOs, LSOs, or Flash cookies). Within 24 hours of becoming aware of the issue, we immediately took steps to remedy the behavior and altered the process by which browser cookies and LSOs are set, as noted in our blog post from August 2009.  Within 72 hours, the Berkeley researchers had confirmed that the restoration behavior no longer occurred.

Today we are writing regarding another step in resolving this issue.  We have reached an agreement in principle to a proposed settlement regarding a class action suit that was filed in the wake of both the Berkeley paper and our subsequent changes.  This settlement will put the issue to rest and reaffirms our commitment to the standards we put in place in August 2009.

We chose to settle the litigation to bring clarity and certainty to our customers and to avoid the burden and cost of further litigation.  Quantcast will continue doing what we do best – delivering the digital media marketplace leading advertising and audience measurement solutions.

The settlement funds will support groups that focus on strengthening privacy for all users online.

Delivery opt-out, on both the Quantcast site and on the Networked Advertising Initiative site, has remained in full effect throughout and is not impacted by the settlement announced today.