From off-the-grid messaging to text messages that disappear, private social networks that let women vet dating partners, and much, much more – our ways of communicating have significantly changed and will only continue to change in response to new technology. In this panel discussion from the Supernova NY Big Data Summit, representatives from major apps and platforms discuss the future of communication. How do you reach audiences that have grown up with completely new and different communications channels? Moderated by Michael Learmonth, global technology editor for the International Business Times, the panelists included:

  • Micha Benoliel, CEO and co-founder, Open Garden (creators of FireChat)
  • Deborah Singer, VP of marketing, Lulu
  • Anna Roth, Product Marketing Research, Microsoft Skype
  • Dez White, App Founder (Invisible Text, Rap Battle Live, Blind Debt, GirlCodeLA)

For more information on Supernova NY, visit the summit website and keep an eye on the Quantcast Blog for more video recordings of the sessions!

Posted by Capri LaRocca, Marketing Communications Associate

As 2014 comes to a close, there are many things to take a look back on. When Quantcast Advertise launched in 2009, the adoption of Quantcast Measure was so widespread that our anonymous records of media consumption spanned the entire US Internet population. In 2010, Advertise expanded internationally to the UK. Today, we’re available in a total of 23 international markets. This past year brought Advertise to Mexico in addition to Australia and New Zealand, our first entries into the Asia-Pacific arena.

Quantcast’s real-time, instantaneous map of web activity allows us to anticipate audience behaviors, tailor ad delivery to the specific journey of each and every consumer, and influence the path to conversion for total precision advertising. Our mission has always centered on the concept of “quantcasting” instead of broadcasting; making real-time decisions to create more relevant advertising experiences for consumers. We look forward to continuing to expand Advertise across the globe.

To learn more about Quantcast Advertise and expanding your global footprint, visit our website or contact us. To learn more about the history of Quantcast, check out the two-part story, “Why Broadcast When You Can Quantcast?” from Konrad Feldman, Quantcast CEO and co-founder, on the blog: Part 1 and Part 2.

Posted by Capri LaRocca, Marketing Communications Associate

With a background in biological research, Chris Wiggins is the first Chief Data Scientist for The New York Times. In his session at the Supernova Big Data Summit, he explains how to transform a company to be data-driven, the toolsets and mindsets required to optimize toward what matters, and The New York Times’ innovative approach to creating relationships with audiences.

In the same way that data is changing advertising, it is also changing publishing and the way that many industries now look at their problems. Considering this, data science is both an enabling opportunity and a challenge. Watch how Wiggins unpacks the need for not only a change of toolset but also a change of mindset to truly unlock the enabling ability of data. You may think you have a relationship with data or that a 163-year-old company like The New York Times can’t be a start-up, but Wiggins challenges those and other preconceptions in this insightful session from Supernova NY:

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It’s a cliché because it’s entirely true — the most valuable assets to any successful company are its people. We’ve done a lot at Quantcast to try and build an organization and culture that results in a place where people like to come to work and, more importantly, feel like they can pursue fulfilling, challenging careers. We’re incredibly proud to say that, according to our employees, we seem to be getting things right.

Quantcast has just been named one of Glassdoor’s Best Places to Work in 2015.

What makes this particular award stand out for us is that it’s based on the honest, unvarnished feedback of the great people who work here. Glassdoor looks at the anonymous comments, good and bad, that employees leave on the site and from there determines which companies are doing right by their employees.

So we’re proud, humbled even, that the people who work here really like working here. And we’re even more excited because it’s a reflection of the great people who have played a role in building our company. About 600 of us, spread across offices around the world, all sharing in a vision of the business and ideas we’re trying to build, committed to experimenting and trying new things. Most importantly, being transparent and supportive with one another as we push to constantly do better and bigger.

A huge thank you to every member of the Quantcast team! And if you’d like to join and see why this is such a great place to be, check out our current job openings.

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The future of digital media was center stage at the Supernova Big Data Summit in New York last month. The event included some of the world’s top marketing and media executives for an afternoon of amazing dialogue on how Big Data is impacting advertising and digital media. Speakers included brand marketers from British Airways, Marriott International, and The Limited, as well as publishers such as The New York Times and Vox Media.

In the highlight video below, check out some of the memorable moments from the event – including how different industries are using data to inform their business strategies and decisions.

The real-time media revolution is here.

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be releasing videos of some of the presentations at Supernova NY. For a peek at what’s to come, you can check out a full list of speakers on the Supernova NY website, see photo highlights in our Facebook album, and read some of the key takeaways in our recap blog post. The conversations shaping the future of digital media don’t stop once the event is over; the impact and insights have only just begun.

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World-famous Formula 1 driver David Coulthard took the stage for the final presentation at Supernova London. Drawing on his experience with fast cars and fast data, he gave a thrilling insight into this very unique use of big data.

Over his 247 races, David used real-time data to gain 62 podium finishes. In this fireside chat, he explains why the real-time element is so important in a fast-paced industry where there are only 20 opportunities to sell your product every year.

Posted by Duncan Way, Marketing Associate

The second panel of the Supernova London event was chaired by Pete Robins, Founder of leading media agency Agenda21. He was joined by Phil Duffield (, Nick Reid (TubeMogul), Benjamin Faes (Google) and Tom Bowman (BBC Worldwide).

Together the group explored issues surrounding video advertising including how advertisers can get started in the video advertising space, the relationship between TV and online video, and the current nature of the industry.

Check back in a couple of days for another video from Supernova London!

Posted by Duncan Way, Marketing Associate

The first fireside chat of the Supernova Big Data Summit in London featured Sam Barnett (CEO and founder, Struq) and James Dunford (online marketing manager, Cotswold Outdoor).

A longtime Struq client and past Quantcast customer, James was able to not only guide the audience through the difficult transition from brick-and-mortar to online, but also to give his thoughts on Quantcast’s recent acquisition of Struq and his opinion of what the future could hold.

Posted by Duncan Way, Marketing Associate

Last Wednesday, Quantcast hosted the third in our series of Supernova Big Data Summits, this time in New York City. Supernova, the first in San Francisco and followed in London this past month, is a highly curated, invitation-only event for the world’s top marketing and media executives.

Bringing together some of the digital industry’s brightest stars for an information-packed afternoon, each summit is a stellar event. Outlined below are some key takeaways from the sessions at Supernova NY:

The State of the Real-Time Media Revolution

The summit kicked off with an introduction from Quantcast CEO Konrad Feldman, which focused on the importance of creating consumer relevance in digital media. In a world of information abundance, this is a challenging task. It takes serious computing power to be able to collect, organize and understand digital audiences, at scale. Success requires an impressive data set and a continued investment in R&D. We are on the frontiers of Big Data, and there is real potential to create relevance with every impression.

How to Transform Into a Data-Driven Company

Chris Wiggins, chief data scientist for the New York Times, spoke about the need for not only a new toolset, but also a new mindset. Big Data and machine learning can positively influence those decisions. Data science is an enabling opportunity.

Engaging the Next Generation of Customers

David Beebe, VP of creative and content marketing at Marriott International, addressed the power of original content and unique customer experiences to break through the noise and reach customers in new ways (including teleporters).

Be Data Informed, Not Data Driven

The content portion of the summit ended with a fireside chat with Konrad and Jim Bankoff, CEO and chairman at Vox Media. During the discussion, Bankoff explained the importance of being “data informed” as opposed to “data driven” — the data may drive you in a direction that your brand might not want to go. When discussing Vox Media and its various properties, Bankoff also stressed that in order to be a successful publisher online you need to create not only content, but also community and context.

That is just a taste of the rich conversations that occurred around Big Data and the future of digital media. For the full list of speakers, please see the agenda here. Over the next few weeks, we’ll be releasing photos and videos of the sessions, but in the meantime check out live-tweet highlights from the event on Twitter.

Posted by Christina Cubeta, Vice President, Marketing

For the second fireside chat of the day at Supernova London Konrad Feldman (CEO and co-founder of Quantcast) took a seat on stage to discuss his journey from London to Silicon Valley and talk about how Quantcast transformed from a dream into the business it is today.

With his dream of transforming display advertising to be more like search marketing well underway, Konrad discussed the past, present and future of Quantcast and the online advertising industry.

Posted by Duncan Way, Marketing Associate