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Quantcast and LVIMA

We’re proud to be a partner of LVIMA (Las Vegas Innovation Marketing Association), bringing together Las Vegas brands, agencies, technology providers, and publishers since 2004.

Quantcast is committed to partnering with organizations like LVIMA to share data, insights, and our latest technology to support the local communities’ work in-market.

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LVIMA is one of Las Vegas’ professional treasures, gathering some of the finest minds in the rapidly changing digital technology and marketing landscape to host and present a dynamic annual series of networking and educational events.

From the very beginning, the organization tapped into the rich digital marketing resources which uniquely support the vibrant and dynamic Las Vegas market. The city is a global destination, and to keep pace, the associated digital marketing community has always been far ahead of its time. While the community digital marketing roots are in support of the travel and hospitality and entertainment sectors, the city has also grown to include a broadening focus on sports marketing, retail, and other verticals.

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