Quantcast 15 Year Anniversary Celebration

In 2021, Quantcast celebrated 15 years in business. From a 
two-person team with a vision to reshape online advertising to 
a multi-national business with eleven offices across the globe 
serving dozens of countries, we’re taken an opportunity to look 
back and celebrate our success, our achievements, and our 
progress. And at the core of it, we’re celebrating our people – 
because after all, they got us here.

Quantcast Team Members 15 Year Anniversary

Our people, who span three continents, have the confidence 
to embrace change, a constant flow of ideas and innovation, 
display humility, thoughtfulness and resilience, a passion for education 
and growth for our customers, partners, industry, and ourselves, 
and genuine care and empathy for our colleagues and our communities. 
Those traits make us Quantcast and have sustained and defined 
our culture for 15 years. 

Quantcast 15 Year Anniversary Future

As we embark on our journey for the next 15, we’re looking for 
people interested in joining our team and continuing to build with 
us as we champion a free and open internet.

Quantcast 15 Years

Learn more about joining Quantcast at quantcast.com/careers.