Cannes or No Cannes Do?

Whether you are heading to Cannes or not, we’ve got you covered.

Heading to Cannes?

Let’s set up time to dig our toes in the sand and talk shop while we sip on some refreshments. We’ll be sharing details on our new brand advertising suite of products and demonstrating how you can drive stronger performance from brand spend. Book a meeting with our executive team today to connect!

No Cannes Do?

That’s okay, we’ve still got a Cannes-Do-Attitude. Let us bring the fun to you locally with our ‘No Cannes Do’ kits filled with French-themed goodies! Book a meeting with us and we’ll send you a kit to enjoy while learning about how you can demand more from your brand advertising.

Demand More from Brand

With Quantcast’s soon-to-be-announced suite of brand advertising solutions, you’ll be able to plan audiences and inventory more effectively, activate across channels, and receive meaningful measurement.

Brand marketers can address these complexity, optimization, and measurement challenges:
  • Foundationally siloed models that don’t work in tandem
  • Balancing precision and scale without sacrificing performance
  • A lack of actionable measurement to determine if brand spend is working
    For press inquiries about our latest suite of brand products, please email