Advertising for Health and Fitness

The COVID-19 pandemic impacted many industries, and perhaps none more so than the fitness industry. To thrive, fitness companies can tap into underserved markets and health-conscious audiences to increase membership.

Let us solve your health and fitness advertising challenges

How can you use real-time audience insights to not only reach fitness fanatics, but also grow your membership with motivated and like-minded people?

How can you tap into the power of AI and machine learning to find the health-conscious consumer at scale?

Would you like to receive interactive insights on your next best customer in seconds, not hours, allowing you to experiment faster and make smarter marketing decisions?

Health and fitness customers are our passion

“From day one, Quantcast has proven to be a valuable partner. Time and time again, delivering on their promise with personalised support, advice, and insights tailored to our industry and specifically our organisation. Their technology has supported our growth and proven to be a reliable and integral part of our marketing mix.”
Christian Osorio
Digital Lead
Australian Tech Life
“With a real desire to understand our business, what the value drivers are for us, and what we really want to achieve beyond a customer acquisition cost, Quantcast was able to provide strategic insights, whether that’s on our business, our customers, competitors, [or] the market.”
David Jackson
Australian Life Tech

Tap into the power of an easy and effective unified platform.

Craft rich audience stories.

Get real-time insights on browsing interests, purchase behaviors, domain affinity, occupations, devices, demographics, and more, in a matter of seconds. Size the potential reach for multiple audiences simultaneously.

Reach high-value customers with precision, at scale.

Surgically reach audiences at every stage of the funnel. Spend less time on tactics, and more time on strategy.

Get the full picture of the audience journey.

Build custom reports to make data-backed decisions using highly intuitive and interactive insights.

Experiment easily and limitlessly.

Test new audiences, creatives, messaging, and other campaign strategies. Create an ongoing feedback loop to drive marketing innovation.

Manage your own advertising campaign or have us do it for you

Whether you want to run your own campaigns or have them fully managed by our expert account team, we’re here to support you. Get in touch to learn about our different service options to fit your needs.