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Cyber Monday Solutions

Deliver your message right to these tech-savvy shoppers as they’re browsing online from the comfort of their home.

Insights: an intersection of holiday audiences

Cyber Monday Audience Advertising Overlap

Consumer Electronics Audiences Overlap: 21.32%

Gadget-focused audiences are finding ways to entertain at home, from video games and movies to board game nights.

Cyber Monday Audience Demographic 2

Home Entertainment Audiences Overlap: 18.59%

Audiences interested in books, movies, and music are staying up to date on the latest pop culture, including comic entertainment, awards shows, and video games.

Cyber Monday Audience Demographic 1

Connect with consumers in Q4 with Quantcast audience exclusives

Holiday Retail Endemic Audience Solutions

Blend the power of niche audience reach with curated site lists that have been vetted and validated, giving you the confidence that you are reaching your core audience on sites where they are most likely to consider your brand.

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  • Retail Category Endemic Audience

  • Display + Tablet / Mobile-Web

  • Value Added Creative Services

  • Connected TV (CTV)

Endemic Audience options:
  • Consumer Electronics

  • Home Entertainment

  • Home Design

  • Fashion & Beauty