Advertising for B2B Technology

Marketers in the tech space must contend with rapidly changing technology as well as continuous changes in consumer behavior. To build effective digital marketing campaigns while closely monitoring ad spend, tech companies need to ingest and process web signals, build sophisticated consumer reach strategies, and react quickly to both changing consumer behavior and media costs.

Let us solve your B2B technology advertising challenges

As more of the research and buying process shifts to digital, how can you use real-time audience insights to reach buyers in the consideration phase?

How can you tap into the power of AI and machine learning to find the niche business decision maker at scale?

Would you like to receive interactive insights on your next best customer in seconds, not hours, allowing you to experiment faster and make smarter marketing decisions?

B2B technology customers are our passion

“Quantcast’s targeting solutions were instrumental in helping us reach our target audience. We saw a jump in brand awareness that led to improvements in our lead generation performance. The results showcase the impact that brand advertising can make, as well as Quantcast’s targeting capabilities.”
Peter Mckellar
Vice President, Corporate Marketing
“In terms of performance, amongst our other publishers, Quantcast have delivered one of the highest levels of results for HP.”
Jared De Wet
Digital Director
HP New Zealand
“I am a huge fan of Quantcast. For Dell, Quantcast has truly been a strategic innovation partner for many, many years. They’ve been part of so many media transformation projects and I’m excited for what the future holds, but we really enjoy working with our Quantcast team because they get it. They take the time to understand our priorities, to understand our pain points. And they work with us side by side on creative and innovative problem solving.”
Annamaria Alba
Head of Demand Generation and Marketing Automation
“Finding a partner like Quantcast that has consistent, reliable offerings at a global level provides incredible strategic value. Additionally, I see a lot of innovation from Quantcast–from interspace audiences to dynamic CPM pricing, Quantcast is always looking for ways to push the envelope. Ultimately, the people at Quantcast feel like an extension of my team, and it’s really great to have that kind of support.”
Mike Ru
Senior Marketing Manager, Brand, Advertising, and Research Group

Tap into the power of an easy and effective unified platform.

Craft rich audience stories.

Get real-time insights on browsing interests, purchase behaviors, domain affinity, occupations, devices, demographics, and more, in a matter of seconds. Size the potential reach for multiple audiences simultaneously.

Reach high-value customers with precision, at scale.

Surgically reach audiences at every stage of the funnel. Spend less time on tactics, and more time on strategy.

Get the full picture of the audience journey.

Build custom reports to make data-backed decisions using highly intuitive and interactive insights.

Experiment easily and limitlessly.

Test new audiences, creatives, messaging, and other campaign strategies. Create an ongoing feedback loop to drive marketing innovation.

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