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Powerful cross-platform audience measurement, for free. Get detailed reporting for any slice of your digital audience.
Find out how to easily tag your properties and get accurate insights about any of your audience segments.

Understand Any Audience, Any Platform

See who read the last article you published or makes purchases in your mobile app. Flexible segmentation allows you to analyze any audience.

Uncover Valuable Insights

Get accurate, detailed demographics and interests of any audience, including their online browsing behavior.

Show Your Stats

Prove to advertisers and partners that you have the audiences they want. Quantcast Measure is trusted by the world’s leading publishers.

“Insights at the post level help us demonstrate to advertisers how we can deliver their specific target audiences.”

Tami Dalley, Director of Research

“Quantcast Measure made it easy for us to measure across any streaming platform, on both web and mobile.”

Amy van Hook, Director of Digital Operations

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Accurately measure your visitors, sessions and page views, broken down by platform, geography and more.

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