User Acquisition

Focus user acquisition efforts on the most valuable audiences by tailoring to relevant sites or interests.

Mobile app publisher BigApps wants to optimize its user acquisition efforts, and decides to implement segments based on the audience that is most valuable to them, in-app purchasers. They can tag in-app purchases and build a purchaser Audience Segment, and then use the Demographics report to identify audiences similar to key users. They can also couple that with the Audience Interests report to identify the sites that their valuable audiences are most likely to visit, and focus their marketing campaigns accordingly.

Potential Tagging Structure (full list)

  • By User Actions – tag valuable actions, such as sign-ups, video views or social shares
  • By Content – tag your property’s content to see audiences for a particular genre, topic or author
  • By User State – differentiate users based on log-in behavior, or subscribers vs guests.

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