Quantcast Measure – FAQ for Marketers

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What is Quantcast Measure?

Quantcast Measure is a free service that helps advertisers and agencies drive better media planning and efficiency. With this service, you can gain a better picture of your customers through directly measured, detailed user demographics and audience insights at the campaign, site and conversion level.

What can I do as a Marketer in Quantcast Measure?

You can:

  • Identify unique differences between audiences
  • Distinguish audience profiles at different stages of the funnel
  • Improve messaging and creative

I want to drive acquisition of new customers and better build my brand. Can Quantcast Measure help?

Yes, Quancast Measure provides:

  • A web reporting interface that displays audience analysis at the campaign, publisher, placement, creative, site and level. You can interpret online events such as coupon downloads, purchases, auto model configuration. Learn more.
  • Detailed user demographics and deep audience insights at the campaign, site and conversion level.
  • Real time traffic, demographics, geography, site affinity and categories of interest

How do I get access to Quantcast Measure?

If you are interested in using Quantcast Measure to gain better insights about your customers and prospects, please let us know by signing up.

How much does Quantcast Measure cost?

Quantcast Measure is available to marketers at no cost.

Will my data be protected?

By default, all data in Quantcast Measure is hidden from public view, and only accessible via login and password. Marketers control how their data is accessed by any third party, if at all.