Quantcast Advertise FAQ

  1. What is Quantcast Advertise?
  2. Who is it for?
  3. What does it do?
  4. How does it work?
  5. Does this provide a consistent solution for the advertising marketplace?
  6. What does Quantcast mean by addressability?
  7. How is Quantcast’s offering different?
  8. Is this re-targeting?
  9. Is Quantcast an ad network?
  10. How does Quantcast get paid?
  11. What does Quantcast mean by ‘transparent’?

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What is Quantcast Advertise?

Quantcast Advertise provides marketers with scalable audience insights and ad-delivery based on accurate, consistent and actionable data. It allows advertisers and publishers to transact more efficiently and profitably. With Quantcast Advertise, you can learn more about your audience and make sophisticated ad-buying decisions. Read more about Quantcast Advertise.

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Who is it for?

Ad buyers and sellers – anyone who is involved with the sale or purchase of online advertising.

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What does it do?

Quantcast Advertise enables:

  1. Marketers to define target audiences based on their own proprietary insights
  2. Marketers to find those unique audiences across the web at scale, and
  3. Publishers to deliver those audiences to marketers in real-time.

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How does it work?

Marketers define the audience they want to buy, either by using Quantcast Advertise to build unique predictive models, or using a combination of demographic, lifestyle and business attributes of their choosing.

Quantcast identifies audiences across the web who resemble the target you have defined.

Marketers then access the subsets of publisher inventory that match their predictive model using Quantcast.

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Does this provide a consistent solution for the advertising marketplace?

Marketers self-define their audiences and Quantcast enables the use of this proprietary audience model to deliver inventory that consistently matches the target – from the publisher you chose.

Publishers use Quantcast to define their audience segments, which enables marketers and publisher to trade on the same currency, resulting in the direct connection of the planning, buying, and delivery processes. This provides confidence and efficiency for both buyers and sellers.

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What does Quantcast mean by “addressability”?

Decision-making in real time at an impression level.

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How is this offering different?

Quantcast Advertise enables a consistent connection between a marketer’s unique customer insights and the planning, buying and real-time fulfillment of a marketer’s audiences.

Quantcast’s broad industry adoption provides comprehensive visibility into digital media audiences and a detailed understanding of your distinctive customer segments. No other solution can connect publishers and marketers in this way for audience purchase and real-time fulfillment.

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Is this re-targeting?

No. The Quantcast platform finds new audiences that match a marketer’s desired target. Re-targeting is frequency extension – Quantcast Advertise is about reach extension.

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Is Quantcast an ad network?

No. Quantcast works with any publisher (including many ad networks) and allows marketers to transact directly with the publishers of their choice. With Quantcast, marketers self-define their targets and then purchase publisher inventory against this profile.

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How does Quantcast get paid?

Quantcast is paid when Quantcast Advertise provides real-time audience segmentation. Quantcast Measure and Quantcast Planner are free of charge.

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What does Quantcast mean by “transparent”?

Marketers self-define the audiences they want to buy and use this profile to uniformly buy inventory. Publishers know who is advertising on their site. Marketers know where their ads are placed.

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