Implementing the Quantcast Measure Tag on a Blogger Site

Getting the Quantcast Measure tag in place on your Blogger site requires just a few simple steps:

1. Log in to your Blogger site.

2. Choose Layout from the menu on the left side of your Blogger dashboard.

Quantcast Measure Implementation of Blogger

3. Scroll down to the field called footer-1 and click Add a Gadget. Some Blogger layouts have only one footer. In that case, simply go to footer.

Quantcast Measure with Blogger

4. The Add a Gadget screen will pop up–within it, choose HTML/JavaScript.

Quantcast Measure with Blogger

5. The Configure HTML/JavaScript window will pop up—in the Title field, enter an easy-to-remember title for your Quantcast Measure tag.

Quantcast Measure with Blogger

6. Below the Title field, paste your Quantcast Measure tag within the large Content field and click Save (to ensure it works properly, make sure not to alter your tag).

Quantcast Measure with Blogger

7. Clicking Save should take you back to the footer-1 field. If you look below Add a Gadget, you should see that Quantcast HTML/Java Script is shown as one of your gadgets.

Quantcast Measure with Blogger

8. You’re done! Click here to visit your Quantcast Measure profile.

It’s important to note that it will take 1-2 days before basic audience data populates in your Quantcast Measure account and 4-6 days until deeper audience insights show up.